Radio Interview of LMF

LMF (Time Out Hong Kong)
Source: Time Out Hong Kong

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Hold Your Middle Finger (揸緊中指)

As consulted with the Commercial Radio of Hong Kong (香港商業電臺, the Cantonese to English transcription of the interview does not breach copyright law.

Interviewer: Jessica Tse
Interviewees: LMF members
陳廣仁(MC Yan,阿仁)
Date: December 2, 2009

Interviewer: Welcome to the show, what a sturdy band.
Interviewee: Yo!

Interviewer: Our colleagues are very excited.
Interviewee: Phew. (Meow) (Yeah)

Interviewer: What a scratch voice. Okay, welcome LMF to Hit Hot Music. Let’s check out who are with us today. Say your name one by one; LMF members at the radio show are…
Interviewee: From the left? I’m Kit; I’m Kevin; I’m Jimmy; I’m MC Yan; I’m Davy; I’m Phat; I’m Prodip.

Interviewer: Obviously there are seven of you, although on the poster there are nine of you. Many fans said they are happy because LMF is reuniting for a show. But they thought there used to be 12 members in LMF. Do you guys wanna answer this question? Speak freely; no precedence needed.
Interviewee: 12-member LMF was a long time ago. In 2003 there were only ten of us.

Interviewer: Back then you had Sam Lee with you?
Interviewee: Yup. But Sam has been our mysterious guest all the time.
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Hanzawa Naoki

From left: Mitsuhiro Oikawa (及川光博), Aya Ueto (上戸彩), Masato Sakai (堺雅人), Teruyuki Kagawa (香川照之). (Source: )



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Ipoh Railway Station

イぽー駅:Google Map


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Jeffrey Archer - Best Kept Secret


話說這部小說交換回來大概數週,想讀之時偏偏心煩意亂,於是晚上跑到全天候快餐廳一邊飲茶一邊睇書。快餐廳當然有人攀談的聲音,亦有人出入,但勝在時而安靜,時而聲雜,祇要套上耳機聽歌,則可以投入英國作家 Jeffrey Archer 的小說世界當中。 Continue reading 英文小說過足癮



これは広東語辞書です。香港の中華出版社はこの辞書を発売しています。ISBNは 978-988-8340-60-6 です。


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Interview of John Tsang

As consulted with the Commercial Radio of Hong Kong (香港商業電臺, the Cantonese to English transcription of the interview does not breach copyright law.

Interviewers: Loh Fai (transliterated), and Ho Chui Ping
Interviewee: John Tsang Chun-wah (曾俊華), Financial Secretary of Hong Kong
Date: March 2, 2013

Interviewer: Good morning. (Good morning). As May is not feeling well today, we have Ho Chui Ping (also hosting) today. Of course, with us today in the studio today is John Tsang, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong. Good morning, Mr Secretary. (Good morning, Mr Secretary.)
Interviewee: Good morning.

Interviewer: Since the budget has been announced recently, and everybody has been discussing about it, including its policies. And recent surveys revealed that… (split into half?) yup, half of the respondents reported satisfaction, while the half are unhappy with the budget. Mr Secretary, how do you respond to feedback from all walks of life?
Interviewee: Feedback from all walks of life comes from various angles. And the angles are different from one another. But for me it is more or less as expected. Speaking of the budget, you have to observe in different industry to see its influence. Before finalising the draft, we worked very hard together with our colleagues to work on this budget. So that we can strike a balance. If the feedback has been one-third each from three groups of respondents, that is in some way a sort of balance.

Interviewer: (Laughing) Do you feel disappointed if the feedback reflects that it has been criticised for being not innovative, that it scores poorly, or that the financial give-outs are insufficient?
Interviewee: Not really. When we were preparing the budget, innovation is not our first priority. The first priority of ours has to be observing the current economic situation and our financial status. And suggestions raised by Hongkongers, how can we make good use of our resources to cater to their needs? How do we help the needy group so that our society can move forward? This is our first priority. It doesn’t matter if (the method) is old. Being innovative is not our prioritised consideration.
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Peter Brookes Cartoon - The Last Supper, Cameron and EU
Source: Peter Brookes Cartoon, The Times.

關於英國脫歐的報導,這個星期世界各大媒體也講了很多,我集中閱讀英國《經濟學人》(The Economist)英國廣播公司 (British Broadcasting Company, BBC) 的報導,可以簡單作以下總結。脫歐公投之後的最新一期《經濟學人》仍未買到,我不是住在英國,亞洲區的出版總是多等那麼幾天。現在這個總結多是投票之前的論點。
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杉原千畝 – 雖千萬人吾往矣

Japanese Movie Sugihara Chiune




他在國外自稱 Sempo,因為外國人不懂得讀他的正確日文名字。當時波蘭遭到德國與俄國瓜分,猶太人處處受到逼害,他們只能不斷遷徙,從一個歐洲國家過境到下一個歐洲國家,箇中疲憊可想而知。
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Radio Interview of Wong Ka Kui

Singing of Old Dancing Medley (昔日舞曲)

Interviewer: I remember when you guys were releasing this album, I was a new staff just joining the radio. That was the time when band culture was so popular.
Interviewee: Uh-huh.

Interviewer: Some said the image of your band is that of an underground band coming through the surface. But what is underground band?
Interviewee: As a matter of fact, all this while I do not acknowledge ours as an underground band.

Interviewer: You don’t see it that way.
Interviewee: It is just that if that is how people look at Beyond, I can’t help it. Not that I purposely want to debate whether we are an underground band or not.

Interviewer: Why do you say Beyond isn’t (an underground band)? Or you wanna tell us what an underground band is?
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