Hokkien Songs – the Malaysian Style


Among Chinese Malaysian artists, I would say I remember the works of Fei Huang (黃一飛) the most. Remembering his music in the sense that when I fall in love with his songs, I will always remember them – the melody, the style of his lyrics. Other than his interesting Hokkien-style of songwriting, his Hokkien songs allowed him to stand out from the crowd Continue reading Hokkien Songs – the Malaysian Style

導火新聞線 The Menu


為了搶先比隔壁家媒體發新聞稿,整家報館竟然可以放下其他工作就只為了追蹤社會上議論紛紛的一則新聞。為了爭取點擊率,編輯竟然可以在背後煽風點火 Continue reading 導火新聞線 The Menu

Eric Kwok 港式流行曲

香港作曲人郭偉亮 (Eric Kwok) 相信不需要介紹了,他的音樂作品佔據了香港流行音樂半壁江山,好像好多流行歌手都唱過他的歌。

這張 Made in Hong Kong 的作品集實在聽得舒服,從頭到尾都只有廣東歌,第四張CD更有 Eric Kwok 作曲時的 demo 。讓我驚訝的是 Continue reading Eric Kwok 港式流行曲

Radio Interview of LMF

LMF (Time Out Hong Kong)
Source: Time Out Hong Kong

Youtube Links:
Interview (Part 1)
Interview (Part 2)
Interview (Part 3)

Hold Your Middle Finger (揸緊中指)

As consulted with the Commercial Radio of Hong Kong (香港商業電臺 881903.com), the Cantonese to English transcription of the interview does not breach copyright law.

Interviewer: Jessica Tse
Interviewees: LMF members
陳廣仁(MC Yan,阿仁)
Date: December 2, 2009

Interviewer: Welcome to the show, what a sturdy band.
Interviewee: Yo!

Interviewer: Our colleagues are very excited.
Interviewee: Phew. (Meow) (Yeah)

Interviewer: What a scratch voice. Okay, welcome LMF to Hit Hot Music. Let’s check out who are with us today. Say your name one by one; LMF members at the radio show are…
Interviewee: From the left? I’m Kit; I’m Kevin; I’m Jimmy; I’m MC Yan; I’m Davy; I’m Phat; I’m Prodip.

Interviewer: Obviously there are seven of you, although on the poster there are nine of you. Many fans said they are happy because LMF is reuniting for a show. But they thought there used to be 12 members in LMF. Do you guys wanna answer this question? Speak freely; no precedence needed.
Interviewee: 12-member LMF was a long time ago. In 2003 there were only ten of us.

Interviewer: Back then you had Sam Lee with you?
Interviewee: Yup. But Sam has been our mysterious guest all the time.
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Hanzawa Naoki

From left: Mitsuhiro Oikawa (及川光博), Aya Ueto (上戸彩), Masato Sakai (堺雅人), Teruyuki Kagawa (香川照之). (Source: http://sugoitokyo.com/en/?p=75 )



半沢直樹嚥不下這口氣,誓言追查到底 Continue reading 想當半沢直樹?除非你鍾意食死貓


Ipoh Railway Station

イポー駅:Google Map


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