Doomsday 末日 (Written in April 2006)

“I wonder if it is the end of the world when we wake up tomorrow,” she whispered in my ears when I held her in my arms. “Honey, we could only pray that things will improve soon,” I replied with my warmest tone of voice. When I looked into her beautiful eyes, which were full of tears, I felt like I wanted to stare into them forever, as if the adorable eyes of hers would allow both of us to swim in, when the temperature reached minus 20℃ in Hong Kong.

Flights were delayed, without announcing when the planes would fly again, for the weather was unpredictable. It was a warm and sunny autumn when we arrived in Hong Kong last week, but the weather suddenly changed when the hands of the clock reached 6:20 yesterday morning. I did not have the slightest interest to read any of my favourite novels, nor was Midori in the mood to sing to me. We could only hold each other tight in order to keep our bodies warm. Passengers were not allowed to leave the airport, due to a snow storm in Hong Kong. “Oh my goodness, what about our little cat?” cried Midori. She opened her knapsack to take out a small jacket for our little cat and fed it with some warm water. “I was chilling even though I was kept in your knapsack,” said the cat. Having expressed its feeling, it hid back into Midori’s knapsack.

We stared at the snow storm outside the airport; snow was falling as heavily as if all of the snow in the sky wanted to come to shopping in Hong Kong. We watched the news report in television at the airport’s lobby. Floods occurred in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. Forests in Australia and New Zealand were on fire when the temperature went up to 50℃ for more than one week. Snow storms had been striking Europe and North America for a couple of weeks. More people died in Central and South America when the bird flu disease spread. Arabian countries fight for oil while more lives in African countries were killed by AIDS. Mainland China struck Japan with the reunified Korean Republic, for the purpose of taking their revenge on the Japanese’s attack in World War II. Nobody knows what will happen next.

Midori slept on my shoulder and I smelled her fragrant hair while the world was getting closer to its end, the Doomsday will still comes no matter how beautiful Midori’s eyes were. The world had nothing left but the two of us when the sun arose again. “Good morning,” our little cat greeted….






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