The Outer Space Travel 2007 太空漫遊2007

Can I buy the best telescope by using RM 31
To see the poor schools all the way from the outer space
To see the children, who, can’t afford to study
To see the patients, who, are suffering because of lack of $$$, to see the doctors
To see the old folks, who, are lonely and homeless
To see the nation’s poverty, starvation, struggle, and hopelessness,
After, paying RM 31

Can I recruit the best teacher by using RM 31
To, teach us, the essence of humility,
So that, when I spend RM 3.1K to fly to the UK,
I won’t argue with the pilot, that,
I too am a pilot….
To avoid demonstrating a joke in front of the passengers (if not the world)

Can I buy the best glasses (of near-sighted, far-sighted, presbyopia, astigmatism)
To let us see clearly:
1. The workers in the estates, who contributed a lot to the nation,
their children are somehow, not having enough clothes and are naked
2. The families destructed by shovels
3. Stagnant wages, wallets and purses on diet, expenses > income
4. Dependent on loans, bank notes fly
5. Robberies and rapes, where to complaint? Speechless, when, we stare at the sky
All in all, the people’s grievance and helplessness

Can I buy the best hearing aid,
To listen to the poor, when asking for the returning of the 31 bank notes,
All the way from the outer space

I dress up and drive a luxorious car to embellish my face,
Jamming on the road to feign as an advanced citizen,
But I am starving, have no $$$ to buy meals,
Dreaming and sleeping when I faint from starvation,
Vaguely I heard:

“Dear travellers, do you know that the roti canai and teh tarik served in the outer space, cost RM 15.5, respectively. It’s really highly priviledged, and suit you a lot. Please pay by using the POVERTY credit card, or let the people pay. We will serve you the elegant food after payment,”

Five minutes later:
“Dear travellers, please fasten your seatbelts, we will serve you elegant roti canai and teh tarik in a second. Please remember to promote to your friends on earth that they will surely become astronauts after finished eating these meals. THE OUTER SPACE TRAVEL 2007, your best destination. To realise the second-round astronaut dream, please call 1234567, our specialized staffs will answer all your questions,”


從宇宙天際 看見破爛的學校

教人 虛懷若谷
花個RM 3.1K飛去英國
說我是飛行員 教其餘乘客(全世界?)笑話

1. 在園丘割樹膠 爲國奉獻
家裡孩子 卻一絲不掛
2. 慘遭神手趕出家園
3. 工資不漲 減肥中的皮包 入不敷出
4. 舉債度日 鈔票似乎長了翅膀
5. 姦淫擄掠 投訴無門 無語問蒼天

從宇宙天際 聽見

我西裝筆挺 開名車裝飾門面 塞車扮先進
但我很飢餓 無錢開飯
餓昏了 倒頭便睡 夢中依稀聽見:

「各位旅客您好,您可知道?高掛在渺邈宇宙的印度煎餅與拉茶,各售RM 15.5,高貴得很,適用於尊貴的您。請用刷POVERTY銀行信用卡付帳,或選擇由人民口袋裡的錢代繳,付款完畢,我們即將爲您奉上高雅的美食。」


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