Watching Taiwan’s election (Taipei Times 26 Mar 2008)

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008, Page 8

Kudos to Taiwan’s democratic system, which showed the world the essence of democracy in its 12th presidential election. I am glad that candidates of both sides were able to humbly accept the outcome of the election. I see this election as a victory for the Taiwanese people and the democratic system of this wonderful island, rather than seeing it as a zero sum political battle between the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).
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Report those using govt resources in campaign: DAP (Malaysiakini 14 Feb 2008)

Yeow Boon Kiat | Feb 14, 08 5:36pm

DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang has urged voters to lodge a police report if they find any candidate utilising government resources in their election campaign.

“Whenever you see the prime minister, deputy prime minister, ministers or deputy ministers arrive in government vehicles or using government funds to campaign, lodge a police report immediately and call the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to investigate”, he told a press conference in Petaling Jaya today.
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The Umno Factor in Penang Politics (Malaysiakini 5 Feb 2008)

Yeow Boon Kiat | Feb 5, 08 12:46pm

Umno is to be blamed for the present downturn in economy in Penang, charged DAP’s national E-campaign director and popular blogger Jeff Ooi.

He added that Umno’s hands were seen in many of the policy initiatives that have to come from the federal level to the state.

Ooi said that although the Penang state government led by Gerakan may have many economic plans to implement, but the foreign direct investment (FDI) flowing into the state was still being filtered by the powerful Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office.
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民進黨慘敗顯示水能載舟覆舟 臺灣選民教訓陳水扁成爲典範 (Malaysiakini 24 Jan 2008)

姚文傑 | 1月24日 晚上9點55分

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News reports during internship at online daily Malaysiakini

Date & Title
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Feb 13 Did the King really approve the dissolution?
Feb 14 Report those using govt resources in campaign: DAP
Feb 16 No more politics, UM students warned
Feb 18 Spunky graduates to take on Goliaths
Feb 19 Question for parties – hey, remember us?

Date & Title
Jan 22 阿都拉:2004年是特例 承認國陣來屆大選難大勝
Jan 24 民進黨慘敗顯示水能載舟覆舟 台灣選民教訓陳水扁成為典範
Jan 25 國際透明促把議員劣迹放上網 光束計畫調查候選人政治獻金
Jan 28 行動黨推介「罪案之城」 主打第一波網絡競選廣告
Jan 30 創設公共演說部招攬辯才入黨 行動黨抗衡馬華明星主播效應
Feb 5 百物騰漲壓力年貨市場淡靜 商家咸认鼠年氣氛比往年差
Feb 11 參與大專生黨集會受對付 四馬大生面對聽證會審訊