I’ve translated 11830 Chinese words into English in two days!!

These two days have been crazy for me. I didn’t know how I actually did this, but the magic seems to be happening automatically–when I’m sitting in front of my laptop, my mind will usually be switched to the I-wanna-get-this-done mode, and the translation flow just comes up naturally. Every Chinese word that I read on the computer screen, the most suitable, if not perfect, English word will just pop up in my mind simultaneously.

This 11830-words-in-two-days record comes with a price though. I guess I’ve been typing too much for years and my fingers are now suffering from numbness. Is this an indication that I should play guitar more often while I’m taking a rest once every two hours? If it is so, the numbness of my fingers isn’t a bad sign after all–it reminds me of my guitar, which has been standing aside for more than 48 hours. Perhaps I should sing my guitar Always Somewhere of Scorpions:

Always somewhere, miss you where I’ve been. I’ll be back to love you again.