Bridge 橋樑

In ancient times, building a bridge involves every person
You move the bricks, I hold the axes and he cuts the board
Well before the completion of the bridge
We have already built the bridge which links our hearts

In post-modern era, building a bridge is a piece of cake
East linked to west, north connected with south
We walk past each other on the bridge everyday
And we have innumerable instant communication on mobile phone and internet
But we can’t manage to build
The bridge which links our hearts anymore
Despite the advancement of technology

古時候搭橋 勞師動眾
你搬磚頭 我握斧頭 他鋸木板
大橋未建好 大家心中那道橋樑早已搭好

後現代搭橋 吹灰不費
東邊接西邊 北方接南方

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