Sonnet – Going Home

With or without direction,
Echoing the question of who we are –
Asking ourselves aloud – who we are –
Repeatedly, we still have no direction.

England could have become a long gone passion,
Gone are the days when the Union Jack shining in the bazaar.
Oft I have to admit, when daydreaming in the car,
I oft thought – under the English sunshine we embrace the reunion.
Never once did we ever imagine,
Going home is more exhausting than living in exile.
Home – we shall now redefine – is our boundary where universal values are guarded.
Or, home is the place where we imagine,
Make it true – the colourful dreams we nurture in exile.
Eternity – lies in the trust – our dreams shall never be discarded.

*Inspired by Beyond’s Going Home, a song released in 1997.

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