About ASUS A555L

About six or so weeks using this new ASUS A555L laptop, I guess my fingers are getting used to the typing flow and rhythm quite well already. And there are several features which benefit my work.

Firstly, whenever I search a Chinese-language page on Wikipedia website, this ASUS A555L model automatically selects traditional Chinese version for me. Which saves me a lot of time, as I need not go to the Chinese-language option to click whether I want to read in simplified or traditional.

Reading simplified Chinese is very confusing because the less-stroke characters look so similar to one another, and it has no sense of aesthetic to speak of. When I read in traditional Chinese I have more imagination as those words are so beautiful and meaningful – as if a picture drawn and crafted into the characters themselves.

My reading habit is that when I have a Chinese soft-copy text in hand, I will convert them into traditional Chinese version so that I can read and understand the text clearly. And thus translate into clearer and more concise English.

Secondly, when I fit an Internet cable into the slot on the left of the keyboard, the connection mode automatically changes from wireless to cable. Some other laptops require you to cut off the wireless connection, if you wish to connect via cable. Automatic connection to cable means that I need not manually cut off the wireless one.

However fast Internet transmission becomes, I still believe having my laptop connected to the Internet router via a cable is certainly faster and more secured.

As my friend aptly puts it – ‘because the Internet signal needs not seek for your laptop’s connection in the air’. Well said, mate.

And thirdly, it seems like this ASUS A555L model offers a lower volume of its audio system. So I need to plug on my favourite earphone which doubles up volume. Any other earphone gives me only half the volume. I know always listening to loud earphones is detrimental to my hearing, but to cut off all unnecessary noise out there, I have no choice at all.

Also, fourthly, this ASUS A555L model has got long-lasting battery. I can get it fully charged at home and bring it to work on my translation pieces at a cafe. After working for about three hours, the battery level reads 48 per cent remaining.

Time to recharge again. Catch up next week, mate.

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