Paul Wong Album 2001

This is the first album published by Beyond guitarist Paul Wong after the Hong Kong rock band announced a split in 1999. Early 2001 was the time when I was still buying and collecting cassettes. Cassettes were sold at a lower price, and compact discs were about twice and thrice the cassette price.
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杉原千畝 – 雖千萬人吾往矣




他在國外自稱 Sempo,因為外國人不懂得讀他的正確日文名字。當時波蘭遭到德國與俄國瓜分,猶太人處處受到逼害,他們只能不斷遷徙,從一個歐洲國家過境到下一個歐洲國家,箇中疲憊可想而知。
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Radio Interview of Wong Ka Kui

Singing of Old Dancing Medley (昔日舞曲)

Interviewer: I remember when you guys were releasing this album, I was a new staff just joining the radio. That was the time when band culture was so popular.
Interviewee: Uh-huh.

Interviewer: Some said the image of your band is that of an underground band coming through the surface. But what is underground band?
Interviewee: As a matter of fact, all this while I do not acknowledge ours as an underground band.

Interviewer: You don’t see it that way.
Interviewee: It is just that if that is how people look at Beyond, I can’t help it. Not that I purposely want to debate whether we are an underground band or not.

Interviewer: Why do you say Beyond isn’t (an underground band)? Or you wanna tell us what an underground band is?
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