Back-up Gadget Saves the Day

A few days back I was still watching Japanese drama Hanzawa Naoki (半沢直樹), and all of sudden the CD drive of my ASUS laptop broke down. It sensed nothing no matter how many times I tried to push-open the CD tray. I was trying to get the DVD out of the drive.

I then brought the laptop to ASUS service centre, where they told me the repair service of the CD drive is still covered by two-year warranty, but they would need a week or two to work on it. But I don’t have that much time to wait as I need to work Mondays through Saturdays.

It was a Sunday noon and I have all translation projects lined up for coming Monday through Saturday already. If I was to leave them my laptop, they would send back to the technicians to fix my CD drive, but they would wipe off all memories and new software that support my laptop until now.

In other words, they repair and return it to you as if a new laptop. And you need to go through all trouble to re-install your anti-virus and this and that programmes.

Which I refused. What I needed, I told them, was just to get my DVD out of the CD drive. A service centre representative then took a book-clip, bend it straight and inserted the sharp tip into the tiny hole of the CD drive. And it works! The tray bounced open and he took out my Hanzawa Naoki DVD.

He explained it takes only a needle to trigger the spring hidden in the CD drive. And since Sunday night I have been watching movies and playing music discs by using my external DVD player.

Just as I used to keep old spectacles as back-up in case my new one fractured, my external DVD player serves as a good back-up for me now. In fact, it is better than laptop’s CD drive, which is squeezed in the machine and found no space to spread the heat. The longer you play your CD or DVD, the hotter it gets.

But an external player, as shown above, is good for dispersing heat. And it allows me to watch Japanese drama without hindrance.

Plan B saves the day, mate.

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