Bang the Keyboard for Faster Typing Speed

Over half year using the ASUS A555L laptop, I found that some of the keys on the keyboard are loosening. When I type an ‘s’, or a number ‘0’, I always have to hit the keys for several times before the alphabet appears on my writing file. Even the ‘delete’ key is often senseless.

I did not consult any technician over this matter. And I found out that quite a number of individuals who encountered such problem. Some opted to get an external keyboard, and some, I guessed, are merely leaving thing as it is.

My solution is rather easy. When I found it to be really annoying that I can’t type an ‘s’ and a number ‘0’, I would bang the keyboard and the keys would be become sensitive again. Not that you are stumbled at certain words and need to hit the key several times – if not ten times – before the alphabet appears.

As a result, banging and slamming my keyboard has now become a routine of my work. When I want my typing to be as speedy as my thinking flow, I would bang the keyboard to literally ‘wake it up’.

Which reminded of my university days in Taiwan when I used to kick my CPU real hard to – yup, ‘wake it up’. CPU requires a kick, while laptop prefers a bang. I think so. As long as I need not bang it with a hammer, I am okay with it.