Logitech External Keyboard

It has been a while since I have been banging my laptop keyboard. Basically it is out of frustration that the key of letter ‘S’ has no response when I type, so was the ‘delete’ key. The surface of my laptop’s keyboard is now curved in a bit, apparently due to heavy banging from me. So I knew this ought to stop.

I went on to look for an external keyboard, which is good for typing. The ergonomic is just good in the sense that I can now sit comfortably and type the external keyboard now placed closer to me, and the laptop’s screen is kept further from me. Which means I can let my eyes relax a bit, as we all know that it is pressurizing for our eyes if we stare at computer screen from close distance for a long period of time.

The keyboard is wireless, and it is connected to the laptop or computer with USB. The keyboard itself is powered by AA batteries. I opted for the K400 Plus model which comes with a touch pad on the right, since I have always disliked using a mouse. The keyboard and touch pad as a whole seems to be quite sensitive. The keys are designed closer together, and you need not stretch your fingers a lot as the gap between each key is very narrow.

The F1 to F12 keys are of functions different from the laptop though. Usually we hit the F5 button for refresh, but the F5 key on this keyboard means calling for Cortana. F2 means opening new internet browser window; F3 means changing tabs; F4 is a right click function of your mouse; F6 leads you to background; F9 opens your music player. For other key such as Print Screen, I would still have to use those keys on the laptop.

Having used the external keyboard for more than one week, it seems like I am finding it odd to do typing on the original laptop keyboard again. Hopefully my translation work becomes more productive with this new external keyboard.

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