When you are silly and daydreaming

Source: Weed Memes

When you are silly and daydreaming, you would…

1. Start your car with your house key;
2. Feed your dog some cat food;
3. Mistake 16.00 hours for 6.00pm;
4. Find yourself arriving at the airport with your passport left at home;
5. Return to your host city / country, only to have found out that you left all your keys in your home city / country.
6. Arrive at the airport two hours before 6pm, but your flight would only take off at 6am the next day.
7. Take a long nap in the afternoon and wake up during sunset, and take it as dawn for another new day.
8. Mistake salt for sugar when you make your coffee;
9. Forget to brush your teeth in the morning!

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