Radio Interview: Jasper Tsang and Anthony Wong

As consulted with the Commercial Radio of Hong Kong (香港商業電臺, the Cantonese to English transcription of the interview does not breach copyright law.

Interviewer: Jasper Tsang (曾鈺成)
Interviewee: Anthony Wong (黃秋生)

Jasper Tsang’s Radio Show
Interviewer: Since you have many ideas, how about you standing in the legislative election then? You fight for your ideas by yourself.
Interviewee: Previously… Ma Fung-kwok said he was always attending the meetings at Legislative Council (Legco).

Interviewer: That was true; it was just that he wasn’t in the meeting hall.
Interviewee: No wonder somebody was looking for him.

Interviewer: That’s how it was.
Interviewee: I can’t make heads or tails of it though.

Interviewer: The meeting had to go on anyhow.
Interviewee: With this additional question, it confuses me even more. Standing in the election? What can I do if I am elected? Why were some of them absent halfway through the meeting? That’s weird.

Interviewer: You can appeal for the people, and appeal for your constituents. Come up with some suggestions and ask the government to…
Interviewee: That sounds good though. Just recently some are criticising me for my attendance record at Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC).

Interviewer: Are you not very active in their meetings?
Interviewee: Not really. I have attended almost all major meetings and absent only once. This is a mistake – something related to data error. If they criticise me for not showing up at meetings, I could tell them that I am ‘appealing for the people’.

Interviewer: HKADC is not holding meetings very frequently; not that they are having meetings on a weekly basis.
Interviewee: Yeah they don’t have meetings every week. When I heard of weekly meetings (at Legco), I would say, well…

Interviewer: Legco is different.
Interviewee: Don’t ask me to stand in the election; this is impossible.

Interviewer: Oh ya, you were even playing truant when studying at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
Interviewee: Yeah. I was playing truant when I was studying. But I am hardworking now. I will make it as and when I can attend the meetings.

Interviewer: Are you actually interested to explore into politics? How about becoming a legislator?
Interviewee: Let me live beyond 60 years old. As a matter of fact, I am very afraid. I have attention deficit disorder (ADD), when I am attending a meeting I always feel like I want to get up and walk around.

Interviewer: You have lots of ideas, and you have spent many years in your industry. You noticed the problems and you have numerous suggestions. How about executing them by yourself?
Interviewee: This time around, I found it to be very shady. When you get into this (politics), it is very shady. There are too much of…

Interviewer: But hey, film-making can be shady as well. Isn’t it true? Nothing much is…
Interviewee: Film-making is about my acting. I work according to the scripts, and I can act stylish.

Interviewer: In film-making business, someone might send you flowers and wish you a good health.
Interviewee: That was old story. But this (politics) does not expose the danger – no more flowers (as a hint).

Interviewer: The world is not that pure anyway.
Interviewee: That’s right. I am a pure person, and I found it to be having some implicit danger. They could turn hostile all of sudden; backstabbing and various tricks are often seen. That’s very horrible.

Interviewer: That’s why you have to stand out and speak up for yourself. Plato said this, “the price for refusing to involve in politics, is that you will be represented by someone else who is doing not as good as you are’. That is always the case.
Interviewee: You are encouraging me. Initially I was thinking about giving up. Are you trying to trip me? What were you thinking about when you were sitting at the Legco president seat? You know those depicts with bubbles next to you, as if implying you are helpless…

Interviewer: I was thinking about my vacation two weeks later and I could go on for a trip.
Interviewee: I really admire you. You could achieve that.

Interviewer: I want to tell you this. You are more than an actor. After all these years in acting, you have been through different stages of Hong Kong film-making industry. You saw the problems, as well as the shortcomings of government policies. And you have observed how the developments are in other places. You should do more for your industry then.
Interviewee: Only if I have supporters. Not that I want their votes simply because I am standing in the election. Nowadays people don’t support those who are doing the fundamental work; they support those who mess things up, and they give applause to those who set an arson.

Interviewer: Is it like that? I thought that is only the case at Legco?
Interviewee: Nope, it is seen everywhere…

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