Enhancing freelancers’ skill set


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We freelancers make a living with our skills. Those are not any other skills but professional skills. Those are not any professional skills but skills which have been sharpened with our own style. This is something others can hardly replicate and imitate. Continue reading “Enhancing freelancers’ skill set”

Freelancers 哪裡工作?


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自由工作者哪裡辦公?問到這道問題,多數人的回應都是說自由工作者大多在家工作。最初開始接案的階段,這答案確實正確,但是當你慢慢有生意之後,你就會考慮其他的工作地點了。 Continue reading “Freelancers 哪裡工作?”

Where should freelancers work?

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The first answer to the question is that freelancers usually work from home. And that is how most of us first started our freelance business. Working from home can be the best option, if your home is quiet enough for you to focus on your work. Otherwise, as time goes by, we might find ourselves in need of looking at other options.
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兩星期前我寫的英文文章中討論過成為 freelancers 的三大條件,今日亦應該嘗試以中文思考的角度梳理這三大條件。

簡單來說,自己成立工作室成為遠距的自由工作者,原因不外乎想要遠離辦公室政治鬥爭、上下班塞車、擠地鐵、擔心打卡遲到,更重要就是遠離那種需要看老闆臉色每天戰戰兢兢的生活方式。打工真的很可憐,明明住在民主國家、自由城市,老闆主管那幅嘴臉卻是威權政府高官的翻版 Continue reading “遠距自由工作者之三大條件”