Random thoughts – Is it better to move out of Greater KL?

This topic does not come by randomly – it was actually a topic discussed during BFM 89.9 Talkback Thursday programme. And I discussed it with my buddy Cheah Zi Bin too.

The rationale of moving out of Greater KL or Klang Valley – as cited by the callers – are that it is expensive to live in Greater KL, and you have to waste your time on traffic jams. Which makes sense. Continue reading “Random thoughts – Is it better to move out of Greater KL?”


作家 Rehman Rashid 兩個月前逝世的消息讓很多創作人覺得扼腕,BFM 89.9電台節目主持人最近時時提起他,言談對他甚是尊重,認為他的離去是馬來西亞文壇的損失。我跑去 Gerakbudaya 書局尋寶,結果只找到《半島》(Peninsula),另一本比較有名的 A Malaysian Journey 聽說絕版了,不曉得他以前的出版社會幫他出再版嗎。 Continue reading “細讀《半島》之穿梭時空”

Blogging ten years on – 煮字解飢又十年

霎眼間在這部落格筆耕也十年了,猶記得剛開始寫的時候是20078月,也就是大三升大四的暑假期間。記得那一年臺北沒什麼特別嚴重的颱風,開始寫部落格就覺得蠻好玩的,既可自己制訂格式、風格,內容也不需要嚴肅或正經八百,可以風花雪月,有空談談歌詞。 Continue reading “Blogging ten years on – 煮字解飢又十年”

When Taipei becomes home

I read an interesting article this week. It was a commentary article published on a Taiwanese online media, and the story was about how rock singer Wu Bai deals with his hometown nostalgia in his Taiwanese songs.

Wu Bai and his band China Blue have released three Taiwanese albums in their 25 years of music career. The first one Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird (樹枝孤鳥) – was published in 1998 and won him Golden Melody Awards’ (金曲獎) Best Album Taiwanese. The second one was Double-Faced Man (雙面人), released in 2005 and won him GMA Best Male Vocalist Taiwanese award. His third Taiwanese album – Hibiscus (釘子花) – was published in December 2016, and again won him GMA Best Album Taiwanese award. Continue reading “When Taipei becomes home”