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我從來是低調的人,當個專業譯者必須低調,才會有足夠時間與空間讓專業能力得以精益求精。要我每每完成重要譯作就敲鑼打鼓在人多吵雜的某個社交網站上宣傳,抱歉我真的做不來。若我作品重要,宣傳工作應該交由客戶的公司自己的行銷人員執行,我負責內容就好。當然,專業質素比較高、人人發言比較不偏向八卦的社交網站,例如 Twitter Google+,我是可以接受的,以後也會在那裡張貼文章網址的聯結:

In the blink of an eye I have been writing my blog for ten years. In August 2007 – a good summer when no major typhoons struck Taipei (at least in my memory) – I started blogging while preparing to proceed to Year 4 in September.

I enjoy blogging because I get to set my own format and writing style. And I don’t need very serious or solemn topics to blog – it could be, as the Chinese saying goes, ranting about the wind, flowers, snow and moon. Discussion about lyrics is fun too.

Blogging is all about freedom. It has always been my dream to present my own style in a clean space so that I can publish my writings, including short pieces or translation, as well as some of my lyrics previously published.

Other than the freedom to write whatever topics I like, I also get to match writings with photos or songs. Since September 2015 it became part of my self-discipline to regularly release a weekly piece – and the pieces brighten my day when I wake up Saturday mornings. And this is how I communicate with the world.

I have always been a low-profile person. As a professional translator I have to lead a low-profile lifestyle, so that I could have sufficient time and space to further sharpen my skills.

I can’t really make it – if I were to brag and boast about my very-important translation pieces on a certain social media where many are talking meaningless topics and posting useless stuff for no obvious reason.

If my translation and writing pieces are important enough, that means the marketing professionals of my clients’ companies should do the promotional work. This is to make sure I can focus on the contents.

It is, however, quite acceptable if I am to post on social media websites where users are of higher quality and talk sense, such as Twitter and Google+.

So, please follow my future postings:

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