Earphone review – Edifier P180 Earbuds

I have come across another good pair of earphones again. This time around, it is an Edifier P180, which comes with a mic. Having watched some news clips about how dangerous it is for drivers to check and scroll their smartphone or holding their phone while driving, I decided I should get myself a good pair of earphone with mic. 

This is for the sake of safety, although I rarely pick up calls when I am driving. But still, it is necessary to get one, just in case I need it. One good thing about hands-free set is that you can make a phone call and talk when driving, if you don’t want your conversation to be eavesdropped by others at home or at work.

Edifier P180 comes with a pair of clear earbuds – comfortable sitting in your outer ear. When the music is off, you can hear outside noise as usual. Which means that you can put it on while driving without worrying sound from outside being blocked, because this is not an in-ear model. I believe all good drivers still want to listen to the surrounding traffic sound clearly.

As I am no longer using a Sony phone, I need not buy its pricey earphones for compatibility. And Edifier P180 is a good fit for my ASUS phone, although I am not sure if it is as good for iPhones.

Edifier P180 fits well with mobile phone, but not my laptop. This is quite good though, as I already have two sets of JVC earphones for laptop use.

Edifier P180 pops up just on time for clear phone calls and conversations. Which saved me a lot of money so that I can delay the purchase of another smartphone for a year or two. When conversations are unclear, just plug the earphones on and they will be just fine.

On another note, if you always come across people who are always drinking and talking loudly, you can put it on and turn on rock music to block off outside noise. This is the way for you to protect your ears from unnecessary noise, for the drunk and disorderly are too stubborn to adhere to anyone’s advice to keep quiet and allow others a good night’s sleep.

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