Happy 2018 and jokes from politicians

1. Raymond Tam Chi-yuen (譚志源), former Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs of the Hong Kong SAR Government:
Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen (袁國強) ate reheated instant noodles in the middle of the night, for the sake of safeguarding the sanctity of ‘one country, two systems’.
Translation: The Secretary earning more than HK$300,000 (US$38,000) a month has to eat poorly, spare no time to enjoy good and nutritious food, so that he can focus on his work to keep Hong Kong’s unique system running.
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2018年到來,大概有些人預測大選之後一切塵埃落定的局勢應該有助加強馬幣升勢,再加上國際油價若持續企穩,馬幣相信可以一撇過往委靡不振的頹勢。但是現在這個世界整體局勢非常不穩定,謹慎中保持樂觀、樂觀中保持謹慎,是必須的態度。 Continue reading “聖誕快樂之馬幣反彈”

Why I still repair my laptops

I have an ACER Aspire laptop which I bought in 2009, and an ASUS A555L laptop which I bought in early 2016.

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白天回到寫字樓趕著一份翻譯稿,朋友傳來LINE訊息,原來是有臺灣部落客撰文報導說太興燒臘的陳老闆要封刀退休了。我看了覺得好可惜,一直在苦惱以後回到臺北就沒有這麼美味的燒臘飯可以吃了,因為大臺北地區好像都沒有陳老闆這麼正宗香港味的燒臘飯。 Continue reading “臺北市永康街太興燒臘:12月30日最後賞味期”

A freelancer’s self-discipline

It is never easy to be a freelancer. You have to set your own work schedule, work on the projects you have at the moment while looking up for the new ones. You must also meet your clients’ deadlines, and make sure they pay on time.

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