A freelancer’s self-discipline

It is never easy to be a freelancer. You have to set your own work schedule, work on the projects you have at the moment while looking up for the new ones. You must also meet your clients’ deadlines, and make sure they pay on time.

If you find it hard to focus on your work at home, it could be better if you look for a co-working space near your apartment. Going to work at co-working space from Mondays through Fridays makes sure you do your work regularly, and it allows you to meet with like-minded freelancers.

You have to make two things your habits at work. First, complete your work on time and do not miss clients’ deadlines. Second, always check if there are new projects out there.

The first habit is for you to complete your clients’ projects regularly so that you can help grow their businesses, which is the best way to keep them returning to you for the professional service. The second habit is for you to always explore different opportunities.

There is actually a super-self-discipline version on the second habit: halfway through your current projects, make sure you start looking for the following projects already. This is to make sure you are constantly earning and the sources never drain out.

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