Why I still repair my laptops

I have an ACER Aspire laptop which I bought in 2009, and an ASUS A555L laptop which I bought in early 2016.

Recently I have the CD players of both laptops replaced and they are now running well again. Many might feel curious as to why there is a need to fix a laptop, given that new laptops are selling cheap in Malaysia. With below MYR 2,000 you can get quite good laptops already.

But my opinion is that every laptop has its own problems. Whatever brand of laptop you bought, you will still have to go through all problems: blue screen of death, hard-disk failure / breakdown, software crash, CD player becomes dysfunctional.

Tackle one problem, your laptop’s functional lifespan expands a bit longer. The more problems you tackle, the longer it is going to last. When you have parts replaced and software renewed, when you use it with good care, your laptop is definitely going to last longer.

Compared to buying a new laptop when a problem pops up, it is cheaper to repair your laptop and extend its usable time.

Some complain that their laptops slow down a lot after using for several years. My way to tackle such problem is not to keep too many video clips in my laptop. But my laptop is still running well when I keep a lot of radio podcast files. So I guess it works better when it only has to keep some lighter files.

Friends in Klang Valley or KL area who need laptop / computer repair service, feel free to email my technician friend mohddzulfadly@gmail.com

Have a great weekend, mates.

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