Things to observe in 2018

The top of the list is whether the United States, with the help of China and South Korea, is able to force North Korea to return to negotiation table. How China interacts with South Korea, Japan and Taiwan as well as Southeast Asian countries is going to decide if regional stability could be maintained.

Hong Kong’s capability to maintain ‘one country, two systems’ is also another indicator whether the former British colony could safeguard its uniqueness and freedom under Beijing’s increasing interference. If Hong Kong loses its freedom and fails to improve its rule of law, which is a bedrock of its success, some feared that Hong Kong could lose out to its long-time rival Singapore. Continue reading “Things to observe in 2018”


聖誕與元旦期間,別人在放假狂歡之際,我則是日夜趕翻譯稿到一月幾號才能放輕鬆一下。趁著人人回去上班上課的時候,我就去到星加坡市中心萊佛士 (Raffles Place) 地區閒晃。

我跟著友人到處看寫字樓,室內望向窗外的風景若比較耐看,租金就比較貴,反之則比較便宜。市中心的共用辦公室再分租出來的小型辦公室租金不便宜,自由辦公桌比較划算,但是整體租金比香港便宜。 Continue reading “也談市區辦公室”