What I read everyday

I bought printed issues of The Economist every now and then. If an issue published several interesting topics, I would buy it at bookstore. The Economist publishes quarterly reports and special reports are particularly interesting.

Subscription to the magazine on a weekly basis is not something I prefer because I cannot get to read the latest version delivered to my designated address when I am travelling. The good thing about The Economist is that I can get it in any major city in the world.

I read it whenever I’m free, when I am waiting for my cup of tea and meals at eating places. I read it before I sleep and when I am catching a flight. It is an easy-to-bring-around magazine wherever I go.

I like the writing style of The Economist– something I always want to learn and master. Other than English writing skills, it also gave me a wide perspective of what is going on in the world. My reading habit of The Economist allowed me to write a synopsis of international trend in about 60 minutes, including editing.

There are many English magazines in the market, and I find The Economist the best written among all. The more issues I read, the more I learn in sharpening my English editing skills.

The Economist is what I read wherever I go, and Taipei Times is what I also read when I am in Taiwan. Sometimes short and straight-to-point pieces make more pleasant read– particularly so when I am nurturing a stamina to read long novels. How about you?

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