The place I dreamt of

There was this place in my dream. Next to a lake there was a building – ten or so storeys – beautifully designed and whose shape reflected on the surface of the lake. About six o’clock in the evening, the light turned on and it illuminated the surrounding area. When the building shined, so did the lake surface.

The ‘building reflection in the lake’, so they called it. That was no any other ordinary place. The locals around the area said the building shone– other than the illumination brought by lights – because local artists often held performances there.

Which earned the building ‘the cultural centre’ of the nation, said the locals.

Who perform there? I asked.

Rock bands, pop singers, symphonic bands, drama groups, schools and organisations. The adults and children took pride in their participation to perform in this building next to the lake, said the locals.

I, too, wanted to go for a rock concert here someday. I thought to myself in my dream.

I woke up in the morning and read online news. Waves stirring, quakes and tremors rocking, Taiwan still stands firm.

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