How about greener pastures elsewhere

Fellow Malaysians have been very frustrated and angry these few weeks. Several issues are troubling us. Among others, Election Commission’s redelineation plan which analysts accused as favouring the ruling coalition in the coming general election, and the Anti-Fake News bill – which analysts warned might be silencing government critics – has been tabled in the Parliament.

Some are so disappointed and said that they might consider migrating elsewhere. If you observe the grumbling, the reasoning is as if telling you: once we migrate, all our problems will be solved. Or they thought at least it might not be as politically suffocating in their future adopted home country / territory.
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這一點可能十年前不大明顯,但是最近數年卻是愈來愈明顯。最顯著的例子就是大熱天的時候熱得半死,下雨的時侯常常都是傾盆而下,一日的雨量等於過往一個月的總雨量,很多城市似乎也見證過了。 Continue reading “醍醐灌頂之大師警言”

Yi Shu – All about writing

Yi Shu (亦舒) is one of my favourite Hong Kong writers. Her writing style is clear and concise, often elaborating meaningful messages with simple wording. And her writing style influenced many other writers, such as Canto-pop lyricists Albert Leung (林夕) and Wyman Wong (黃偉文).

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農曆新年假期期間,友人從臺北帶回來《伍佰 and China Blue 雙面對決演唱會全紀錄》的CD,我從過年至今依然聽得很過癮。


我個人覺得臺語場比較精彩,可能是伍佰 and China Blue 演繹臺語搖滾特別有味道,演奏與演唱的部份特別揪心,或黯然神傷、或振奮人心,唯一不變的正能量就是臺灣特有的正港臺語搖滾。我尤其喜愛的臺語歌包括〈少年吔,安啦!)、〈空襲警報)、〈臺灣製造)、〈返去故鄉)、〈樓仔厝)、〈飛在風中的小雨)、〈心愛的再會啦),其中鼓手 Dino 穿插演唱的〈小姐免驚)尤其趣味。 Continue reading “伍佰雙面對決之正港臺灣搖滾”

So who is going to scrutinise the person with upper hand?

In the wake of a mass shooting case at a high school in Florida, US president Donald Trump suggested that teachers should be armed. English-language media outlets reported it widely but I did not really read the details, for the idea was too funny.

Some Hong Kong Cantonese talk shows also discussed about the idea. Basically it was said that teachers should be armed, so that they could defend their students when outsiders intruded the school and are shooting around. Or when any student shoots around. So, what if the teachers themselves go crazy and start shooting? In that case, the headmaster / principal should be armed.  Continue reading “So who is going to scrutinise the person with upper hand?”