How about greener pastures elsewhere

Fellow Malaysians have been very frustrated and angry these few weeks. Several issues are troubling us. Among others, Election Commission’s redelineation plan which analysts accused as favouring the ruling coalition in the coming general election, and the Anti-Fake News bill – which analysts warned might be silencing government critics – has been tabled in the Parliament.

Some are so disappointed and said that they might consider migrating elsewhere. If you observe the grumbling, the reasoning is as if telling you: once we migrate, all our problems will be solved. Or they thought at least it might not be as politically suffocating in their future adopted home country / territory.

While I can agree that some countries have freer political environment and greater freedom of speech, we must not also forget that people in some other countries have to tell lies for survival, particularly places operating like the stories told by George Orwell’s novel 1984.

Migration was once a good chance: to improve living standard and enjoy greater freedom. And at the same time, your family and children could do well in life – without costing a bomb. That was possible in the 1970s to 2000.

But now, not anymore. Long gone was the American dream, mate.

If I were to move out, I would be very clear with my goal – which is to do better in my career. I won’t expect to have it all – politically freer, financially better off, career looking up all of sudden. Things won’t improve by leaps and bounds simply because we have moved to a new place.

One sure thing though. If you are able to make good use of the resources in your new place, you might be able to at least achieve one thing. And you have to be sure about what is the one thing you want to achieve for yourself.

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