English Translation of 伍佰〈心愛的再會啦〉

(Farewell My Love
Music and lyrics by Wubai
Performed by Wubai & China Blue)

海上的 船螺聲已經響起
(The ship horn heard across the sea,
All my sentiment for you,
But I have to leave today.)

心愛的 不甘看你珠淚滴
(Wouldn’t want darling you shedding tears,
When I am not around,
Please take good care.)

異鄉啊 總有坎坷路要行
我袂寂寞 有你在我的心肝
男兒啊 立志他鄉為生活
和妳團圓 在我成功的時
(Treading bumpy path in a foreign land,
I won’t feel lonely for I have you in my heart.
Men set an ambition to earn a livelihood elsewhere,
I will reunite with you when I am successful.)

最後的 船螺聲又再響起
手牽著心愛的 再會啦
(The last ship horn was heard,
Initially I didn’t feel like leaving,
Hands holding my darling, bye for now.)

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