Taiwan should get rid of nuclear power

The book – 10 Reasons for Taiwan to Abolish Nuclear Power – written by Liu Li-er (劉黎兒) opens my eyes. From the book I learned that nuclear power in Taiwan is very dangerous – if not the most dangerous in the world. And the book also repeatedly emphasised that only Taiwan keeps nuclear power facilities within the proximity of capital city.

The argument of the book is that if a massive earthquake strikes Greater Taipei – inclusive of Taipei City and New Taipei City – the damage to nuclear facilities would be beyond repair. Look at what happens in Japan after Fukushima nuclear accidents and we should stop all nuclear power programme altogether.

Citing from the book, I hereby list down Liu’s ten reasons for Taiwan to be nuclear-free:
1. Nuclear power is neither high-tech nor advanced;
2. It is not safe;
3. It doesn’t reduce carbon emission. It isn’t clean and it releases massive heat;
4. It is very expensive; it is absolutely misleading that nuclear power is a cheap source of energy;
5. Taiwan is frequented by earthquakes and it has no prerequisite to set up nuclear power plants;
6. The most packed and dangerous spent fuel pool is located in Taiwan;
7. Only Taiwan keeps nuclear power facilities around its capital city; no other countries / territories do so;
8. Nuclear accidents will eliminate lives and assets, everything we have will be wiped out;
9. Nuclear accidents will shake up the nation’s strength, and the government will never be able to put things back on track and compensate accordingly;
10. Taiwan’s energy is good enough for consumption even without nuclear power.

The good news is only 16 per cent of Taiwan’s energy consumption comes from nuclear power. In other words, it is very easy for Taiwan to make good use of natural gas to make up what has been previously produced by nuclear power.

My personal opinion is that Taiwan must move away from nuclear power. For now and short term in the future, natural gas is a cleaner energy source while Taiwan moves to natural energy sources. The shift to cleaner energy sources must start now.

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