Things to observe in 2018

The top of the list is whether the United States, with the help of China and South Korea, is able to force North Korea to return to negotiation table. How China interacts with South Korea, Japan and Taiwan as well as Southeast Asian countries is going to decide if regional stability could be maintained.

Hong Kong’s capability to maintain ‘one country, two systems’ is also another indicator whether the former British colony could safeguard its uniqueness and freedom under Beijing’s increasing interference. If Hong Kong loses its freedom and fails to improve its rule of law, which is a bedrock of its success, some feared that Hong Kong could lose out to its long-time rival Singapore. Continue reading “Things to observe in 2018”


聖誕與元旦期間,別人在放假狂歡之際,我則是日夜趕翻譯稿到一月幾號才能放輕鬆一下。趁著人人回去上班上課的時候,我就去到星加坡市中心萊佛士 (Raffles Place) 地區閒晃。

我跟著友人到處看寫字樓,室內望向窗外的風景若比較耐看,租金就比較貴,反之則比較便宜。市中心的共用辦公室再分租出來的小型辦公室租金不便宜,自由辦公桌比較划算,但是整體租金比香港便宜。 Continue reading “也談市區辦公室”

Happy 2018 and jokes from politicians

1. Raymond Tam Chi-yuen (譚志源), former Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs of the Hong Kong SAR Government:
Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen (袁國強) ate reheated instant noodles in the middle of the night, for the sake of safeguarding the sanctity of ‘one country, two systems’.
Translation: The Secretary earning more than HK$300,000 (US$38,000) a month has to eat poorly, spare no time to enjoy good and nutritious food, so that he can focus on his work to keep Hong Kong’s unique system running.
Continue reading “Happy 2018 and jokes from politicians”



2018年到來,大概有些人預測大選之後一切塵埃落定的局勢應該有助加強馬幣升勢,再加上國際油價若持續企穩,馬幣相信可以一撇過往委靡不振的頹勢。但是現在這個世界整體局勢非常不穩定,謹慎中保持樂觀、樂觀中保持謹慎,是必須的態度。 Continue reading “聖誕快樂之馬幣反彈”

Why I still repair my laptops

I have an ACER Aspire laptop which I bought in 2009, and an ASUS A555L laptop which I bought in early 2016.

Recently I have the CD players of both laptops replaced and they are now running well again. Many might feel curious as to why there is a need to fix a laptop, given that new laptops are selling cheap in Malaysia. With below MYR 2,000 you can get quite good laptops already. Continue reading “Why I still repair my laptops”



白天回到寫字樓趕著一份翻譯稿,朋友傳來LINE訊息,原來是有臺灣部落客撰文報導說太興燒臘的陳老闆要封刀退休了。我看了覺得好可惜,一直在苦惱以後回到臺北就沒有這麼美味的燒臘飯可以吃了,因為大臺北地區好像都沒有陳老闆這麼正宗香港味的燒臘飯。 Continue reading “臺北市永康街太興燒臘:12月30日最後賞味期”

A freelancer’s self-discipline

It is never easy to be a freelancer. You have to set your own work schedule, work on the projects you have at the moment while looking up for the new ones. You must also meet your clients’ deadlines, and make sure they pay on time.

If you find it hard to focus on your work at home, it could be better if you look for a co-working space near your apartment. Going to work at co-working space from Mondays through Fridays makes sure you do your work regularly, and it allows you to meet with like-minded freelancers. Continue reading “A freelancer’s self-discipline”



這一招我也試過。就是前一晚帶著筆記型電腦到機場的咖啡廳,一邊喝咖啡一邊完成翻譯稿,早上四、五點去航空公司櫃檯領登機證之前,檢閱一輪再寄出文章,就可以安心上飛機睡覺了。但是最好不要學蔡瀾飽餐一頓,我試過半夜吃很多水果、臨天亮上飛機前吃漢堡,結果幾天的旅程一直腸胃不適,實在悽慘。 Continue reading “蔡瀾妙計之天亮寫稿”

Loitering around cities

I like it most when I get to walk around cities. And I always walk a lot when I am visiting a new place. I could walk or jog all the way from Pitt Street to George Street, Martin Place to Sydney Opera House, before getting up Harbour Bridge. But I haven’t figured out how to walk from University of Sydney to University of New South Wales.

In Taipei I used to walk from NTNU to NTU and Da’an Forest Park. And I am planning to walk longer distance – perhaps from NTNU to Taipei 101 – when I revisit again.

In Hong Kong island, Continue reading “Loitering around cities”



這本書一開始就展示了很多冰天雪地的照片,看著看著我想起幾年前伍佰以木吉他配唱的〈無盡閃亮的哀愁〉,歌詞的大意是說無論經過多少坎坷挫折,人生路上回頭一望,才會明白那些不盡完美之處其實都是閃閃發亮的憶記,套回這本書我則聯想到旅人經過漫長路途來到冰天雪地的國度,多少辛勞也是值得的感覺。 Continue reading “盡是很伍佰的風景”