English Translation of 黃美珍〈樹風〉

樹風 (Special track)
(Woody Wind by Jane Huang
Melody and lyrics by Wu Bai)

房間內的燈我都不開 你又不在
(The light in the room I let it off, while you are not around
What’s left is only the humming sound)

不能理解 所有過程太匆匆
(Ideas that shouldn’t be, they keep popping up
Rather indiscernible, the whole process such a hurry) Continue reading “English Translation of 黃美珍〈樹風〉”

When Taipei becomes home

I read an interesting article this week. It was a commentary article published on a Taiwanese online media, and the story was about how rock singer Wu Bai deals with his hometown nostalgia in his Taiwanese songs.

Wu Bai and his band China Blue have released three Taiwanese albums in their 25 years of music career. The first one Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird (樹枝孤鳥) – was published in 1998 and won him Golden Melody Awards’ (金曲獎) Best Album Taiwanese. The second one was Double-Faced Man (雙面人), released in 2005 and won him GMA Best Male Vocalist Taiwanese award. His third Taiwanese album – Hibiscus (釘子花) – was published in December 2016, and again won him GMA Best Album Taiwanese award. Continue reading “When Taipei becomes home”

English Translation of 滅火器〈十字路口〉

編曲:滅火器(ファイヤー イーエックス aka. Fire EX)
Melody and lyrics by Sam Yang
Composed by Fire Ex.)

揣無過去 嘛毋敢想未來
稀微的冷風吹來 一陣悲哀
(Living in a soundless world
We found no past, and dare not think about the future
A cold breeze comes by, and I felt pathetic) Continue reading “English Translation of 滅火器〈十字路口〉”

揭盅前隨筆: 第28屆臺灣金曲獎最佳作詞人提名







艾怡良:〈我們的總和〉(《說 艾怡良》,台灣索尼音樂娛樂股份有限公司)

五月天阿信:〈成名在望〉(《自傳 history of Tomorrow》,相信音樂國際股份有限公司)


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臺語正字教材:伍佰 & China Blue 最新專輯《釘子花》

繼 1998 年的《樹枝孤鳥》與 2005 年《雙面人》之後,伍佰 & China Blue 終於推出了第三張臺語專輯,名曰《釘子花》。


所謂臺語正字,就是有別於國語用字的詞彙。例如國語或規範中文寫「腳」,臺語寫「跤」,音讀 Kha。 Continue reading “臺語正字教材:伍佰 & China Blue 最新專輯《釘子花》”

Hokkien Songs – the Malaysian Style

Among Chinese Malaysian artists, I would say I remember the works of Freddie Wong (黃一飛) the most. Remembering his music in the sense that when I fall in love with his songs, I will always remember them – the melody, the style of his lyrics. Other than his interesting Hokkien-style of songwriting, his Hokkien songs allowed him to stand out from the crowd Continue reading “Hokkien Songs – the Malaysian Style”

Eric Kwok 港式流行曲

香港作曲人郭偉亮 (Eric Kwok) 相信不需要介紹了,他的音樂作品佔據了香港流行音樂半壁江山,好像好多流行歌手都唱過他的歌。

這張 Made in Hong Kong 的作品集實在聽得舒服,從頭到尾都只有廣東歌,第四張CD更有 Eric Kwok 作曲時的 demo 。讓我驚訝的是 Continue reading “Eric Kwok 港式流行曲”

2016 年炫風音樂節主題曲〈迷途知返〉

Fast-Food Generation 速食時代
Alienoid 異種
Yusof 劉文瀚
Julio 黃苠晉
Mad August

我就是眼前 這麼一個我
逃過了承諾 也無須犯錯
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Paul Wong Album 2001

This is the first album published by Beyond guitarist Paul Wong after the Hong Kong rock band announced a split in 1999. Early 2001 was the time when I was still buying and collecting cassettes. Cassettes were sold at a lower price, and compact discs were about twice and thrice the cassette price.
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