The Outer Space Travel 2007 太空漫遊2007

Can I buy the best telescope by using RM 31
To see the poor schools all the way from the outer space
To see the children, who, can’t afford to study
To see the patients, who, are suffering because of lack of $$$, to see the doctors
To see the old folks, who, are lonely and homeless
To see the nation’s poverty, starvation, struggle, and hopelessness,
After, paying RM 31
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Doomsday 末日 (Written in April 2006)

“I wonder if it is the end of the world when we wake up tomorrow,” she whispered in my ears when I held her in my arms. “Honey, we could only pray that things will improve soon,” I replied with my warmest tone of voice. When I looked into her beautiful eyes, which were full of tears, I felt like I wanted to stare into them forever, as if the adorable eyes of hers would allow both of us to swim in, when the temperature reached minus 20℃ in Hong Kong.
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