Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia!

To Lynas Australia,

When the people expel you, pack your radioactive and return to the home of yours.
When the people hate you, look into the mirror and evaluate the guilty heart of yours.


Apabila rakyat menghalau kamu, bungkuskan radioaktif dan balik rumah kamu.
Apabila rakyat benci kamu, tengok cermin dan menilai hati yang berdosa kamu.

P/S: Malaysian Government, please save our beautiful land, and do not let our Motherland cry.

Weird Dream of Korean Peninsula 朝鮮半島怪夢

I have had a weird dream last night. And I wonder if my recent reading of another book on North Korea has something to do with my weird dream of the pathetic state.

I was a South Korean in the dream. Thanks to the Sunshine Policy advocated by President Kim Dae-jung, I was selected to join the Inter-Korean summit and see my aunt in Pyongyang, 200 kilometres north of Seoul. Continue reading “Weird Dream of Korean Peninsula 朝鮮半島怪夢”

Alcohol Banned for Me 從此禁酒

My important and immediate announcement at the end of Lunar New Year is that ALCOHOL IS BANNED FOR ME. I have had some bad experiences for many years that after I downed some alcohol, no matter how little portion it is, headache and insomnia come to haunt my soul. And staying up until the dawn and severe headache/ migraine are the scenarios I have to bear alone after my drinking with friends.
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Happy 2012 with 王菲〈知己知彼〉

作曲:Elisabeth Fraser/ Robin Guthrie/ Simon Raythonde
編曲:Adrian Chan

凌晨是我 明晨是你
事業陪著你 衣服纏著我
早已飛不起 在兩個人的天地
誰是我而誰是你 唇是我而眉是你
放於一起 在這再難放置愛情的天地
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I’ve translated 11830 Chinese words into English in two days!!

These two days have been crazy for me. I didn’t know how I actually did this, but the magic seems to be happening automatically–when I’m sitting in front of my laptop, my mind will usually be switched to the I-wanna-get-this-done mode, and the translation flow just comes up naturally. Every Chinese word that I read on the computer screen, the most suitable, if not perfect, English word will just pop up in my mind simultaneously.

This 11830-words-in-two-days record comes with a price though. I guess I’ve been typing too much for years and my fingers are now suffering from numbness. Is this an indication that I should play guitar more often while I’m taking a rest once every two hours? If it is so, the numbness of my fingers isn’t a bad sign after all–it reminds me of my guitar, which has been standing aside for more than 48 hours. Perhaps I should sing my guitar Always Somewhere of Scorpions:

Always somewhere, miss you where I’ve been. I’ll be back to love you again.

English Translation of 空襲警報 Air Raid Siren (伍佰&China Blue)

伍佰&CHINA BLUE 空襲警報 Air Raid Siren

Air Raid Siren (Lyrics and music written by WuBai)

歌詞翻譯 (Translation of Chinese Lyrics)
The air raid siren~

My grandpa fell to the foothill during the air attack
My grandma’s pig farm was burnt up
My dad’s sugar factory was swept with bullets and full of bullet holes
The farmers ran to hide under the trees
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ENG to CH Translation: Article 153 on ‘special position’ of the Malays and other natives: The way forward 馬來「特權」非永恆不可變 (Malaysiakini 4 Apr 2010)

Article 153 on ‘special position’ of the Malays and other natives: The way forward
WEDNESDAY, 17 MARCH 2010 11:12

In my article, Visiting the Malay ‘Rights’ (the Bahasa Malaysia version can be read here), I had commented on article 153 of the Federal Constitution. I stated that under its provisions, the Malays in fact do not possess any special ‘rights’.
There is only the special ‘position’ of the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. In general, this special position does not confer any right which is recognised by law to the Malays.
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