Doomsday 末日 (Written in April 2006)

“I wonder if it is the end of the world when we wake up tomorrow,” she whispered in my ears when I held her in my arms. “Honey, we could only pray that things will improve soon,” I replied with my warmest tone of voice. When I looked into her beautiful eyes, which were full of tears, I felt like I wanted to stare into them forever, as if the adorable eyes of hers would allow both of us to swim in, when the temperature reached minus 20℃ in Hong Kong.
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I want to leave this country as soon as possible and start my life all over again in a place which nobody knows me. The more I am to face the pretence of the people around me, the more likely I will be disappointed in human instinct. I have been suffering so much for being able to see through human nature. Human beings are basically pretentious, and I am no exception.
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Where is Our Trump Card? (New Straits Times 18 October 2006)

Lately the educational ministry has announced that the ministry will introduce Mandarin classes in National Schools (Sekolah Kebangsaan), in order to enhance the students’ language competitiveness in the rapidly changing global market in the 21st century. Credits should be given to the ministry’s global perspective, and I believe that every Malaysian is really forward to this new policy to succeed in our lovely multicultural and multilingual country because every language that Malaysians learn is an asset to the country.
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