不寫不寫還須寫 Writing as sure as eggs is eggs

自從兩年前在工作網站上 KeithYeow.com 撰寫關於翻譯與文案工作的心得,就甚少再花時間寫一些跟工作沒有關係的文章。一來是有些心野,可能想嘗試玩一下錄製粵語或英語的網上節目,二來是除了工作以外,對其他事務的看法沒有化為文字了。





Since I was writing about the articles related to translation and copywriting on KeithYeow.com in October 2018, I have rarely written pieces unrelated to work. This is perhaps attributable to two reasons: I was playful and thinking about recording Cantonese or English online talk shows, and I did not go the extra mile to pen my thoughts in articles.

It is only natural for my Chinese writing skills to regress a bit when I find my wording to be kind of strange because I am always first thinking about English wording. I have gotten very used to translating Chinese into English and transcreating Chinese copies into English version for my copywriting clients. In other words, I seldom write Chinese now.

This shouldn’t be the case for me as a graduate of Department of Chinese Studies at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). I shall perhaps put things right: instead of feeling remorseful that I don’t write Chinese as often as I used to be, I should put in more effort and write more. This is a way for me to record my thoughts about what is going on in the modern world. Furthermore, I can control the style of my writing.

This would not be the case if I were writing for mainstream media, I have to be careful to not make my writings a burden for them to remain politically correct to avoid crossing the line when it comes to ideologies. As a blog writer, I do not need to think about such problems most of the time. Concentrating on writing and worrying less about other matters was a previous experience during university days. That is never going to repeat now, when I am bogged down by work and miscellaneous matters in life. It really is a hard-to-come-by opportunity to keep on writing without being distracted by vicissitudes in life.

My previous blogging pattern switched from irregular to regular publication of my writings. As for now, I still find irregular writing to be the best. We live in a world that is changing rapidly and constantly. If I don’t include some key words in my writings and get them published earlier, my potential readers will miss the chance to search and read my articles when they are doing an online search. For a blogger who is always thinking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is always good for me to write articles promptly, if I wish to express my points of view on some matters. It is inefficient, if I write an article on Tuesday, only to be published on Friday, simply because I set Friday as my blogging day. If I am able to influence some readers positively and remind them of something, writing will become such a wonderful thing for me.

I was kind of embarrassed, when I read Mr Chen Lo-jung’s Chinese book titled Me, the Lyricist, on which he wrote that he writes blogs everyday. I was embarrassed for the fact that I know I wouldn’t be so hardworking to blog everyday. However, it still excites me that I am able to continue writing in a messy world, for I do not want to lose my capability to write in Chinese language.

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