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A stunning news was made known from a friend early yesterday morning: Taiwanese singer Bobby Chen has cancelled the 2021 Count-down Concert in the end of next month because he needs to recover from a surgery to remove a tumor in mouth. This surely comes as a shocking news for his fans who have been following his count-down concert for 26 years. He was always bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year with his fans. But for this year, everybody has to endure the pain for a ticket refund in the hope that Brother Bobby can have a good rest and bring his band back to the stage for the 2022 count-down concert.

I felt perplexed in late 2018 and bought EVA’s KL-Taipei return ticket to revisit Taipei for old time’s sake and Bobby Chen’s concert. There were long queues at Taoyuan International Airport and I had a feeling to shout out loud: “Brother Bobby! Here I come!” The introvert in me of course did not do that. Contrarily, I quietly took out my smart phone to send messages to my friends in Taipei to tell them I had arrived safely. “The whole world is coming for a count-down in Taiwan,” they joked when they learned of the long queues.

This was exacty how I felt that time. Only in Taiwan will you see so many cities and counties organising their own count-down events and concerts that attract the locals and tourists. Some officials still attend the events, even though they had to be on time for the flag-raising ceremony on early morning of new year’s day at municipal office buildings. What a happening event.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia imposed a Movement Control Order (MCO), and it has been Recovery MCO or Conditional MCO since May 2020. The main point is that no Malaysians are allowed to travel overseas, except for work and studies. If I wish to go for the count-down concert of Bobby Chen and New Formosa Band, the earliest date would be end of 2021. I think I will concentrate on waiting for the concert while I also make good use of my time to improve myself before visiting Brother Bobby and his band at Taipei World Trade Center.

Anticipation of what is going to take place and looking forward to going for another overseas visit is what makes me always wait so patiently.