每時每刻都是逆境球 It is all about moving forward in life

I make time to follow quality programmes, including Sharon Cheung’s programme. Malaysian and Taiwanese friends might not be familiar with Sharon Cheung. She was a journalist when Hongkongers were unhappy about the performance of their first Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa. She asked the then chairman of PRC Jiang Zemin if he was to appoint Tung for a second-term. Mr Jiang could not hold back his anger and described her as ‘too simple, sometimes naive’. Which then becomes the name of her YouTube channel.

During this episode, she introduced a book titled Do Not Be Complacent when It Is Time to Move Forward, which was written by Taiwanese writer Lao Yang’s Owl. The stories that can be developed from this theme are somehow predictable and I did not buy the book. I was interested in Sharon’s viewpoints instead. I see eye to eye with her on the points that she elaborated about avoid lending money to friends.

I have one point to add to her ideas though: do not try to rescue the poor with cold cash. Money helps a lot in urgent circumstances, but you must not rescue the poor with cash money, as Stephen Siew Senior said in his programme. If you have very strong symphathy and try to rescue the poor with money, you will need to encounter a situation whereby your beneficiaries start hating you when you try to walk away and have your own life. A bucket of rice cultivates gratitude, loads of rice cause hatred, as the Chinese saying goes.

Sharon also advised her listeners to never bet on their luck to hope for today’s slack to lead to a better life tomorrow. Quite a good advice in the always-changing Internet world, as well as my industry of translation and copywriting.

A simple rationale is this. If human lifespan is to be extended, most of us would have longer years to contribute to our fields. To remain competitive to earn a living in the coming decades, we must always improve our capabilities. Thankfully, I always force myself to always try working on new topics in translation and copywriting. If I need to work on engineering documents for the language pair of Chinese to English tomorrow, I think I can manage them, for I translated similar documents ten years ago. Requests for such projects reduced a lot in recent years though.

Observing Sharon’s viewpoints, we can tell that her mother taught her well and she learnt that every person should earn his or her own living, for nobody should be responsible for someone else’s living. And I am always saying that it is much better to teach others to catch fish than to giving them fish.

I also appreciate her ideas about the personal strength to take action and execute ideas so as to reach our own goals. I am always thinking about work and find life to be aimless and meaningless if we do not need to work. My lopsided idea is that, if you want to achieve something in life, it is better to be childless: you need to give up a lot when you need to feed your children and give them a better life.

We shall talk about this huge topic when the chance comes by. For now, I have another new topic to be researched into for the language pair of Chinese to English. That’s why I say translator’s life is one of limitless game-set without time to slack, for it is demanding when I always have to put the newly-acquired knowledge and language skills into my work all the time.

我常常安排時間收聽優質節目,其中一個是張寶華的節目。大馬和臺灣的朋友可能不熟悉張寶華,其實她大有來頭:當年董建華的表現讓港人覺得不滿,她追問時任中華人民共和國國家主席江澤民有關中央是否會欽點董特首連任,結果老江沉不住氣,說她是 too simple, sometimes naive。因此這成為她的優管頻道名稱。







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