Mad World 一念無明 (Republishing May 2017 Piece)

I rarely watch some emotionally heavy movies, for I find them very unbearable. Crying for loved ones is not what I enjoy watching in a cinema. I stick to my principle all the time so that I can pick cheerful and funny movies when I enter a cinema.

Yes I love sad songs, but sad movies often tick me off.

But Mad World is a different story. I bought a movie ticket to support this film of Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang, just as how I supported Trivisa starring Gordon Lam and Philip Keung.

In this movie Shawn played the role of Tung, who suffered and recovered from bipolar disorder. And Eric, his father who abandoned the family when Tung was little.

Tung was previously taking care of his mother who was often longing for Tung’s elder brother to return to Hong Kong and bring her along to US. But that did not happen. Everybody left the lady and Tung was the only person who took care of her, even at the expense of giving up his day job, and ruining his marriage.

His fiancee Jenny suggested that he admit his mother into a nursing home, a suggestion which triggered a serious argument between them. Tung did not want to abandon his mother. When he was discharged from a psychiatric hospital, Tung stayed with his father in a subdivided flat. Despite his father’s previous mistakes, Tung still insisted to look after his father.

Tung was, and still is, a good boy. After all the ups and downs, Tung attended his friend Louis’s wedding dinner. Louis was giving a speech to thank his parents-in-law, but the guests were making lots of noise and did not bother to listen to him. Tung took over the podium and reprimanded the guests. That they should show respect and not whispering about how expensive or luxurious the wedding was, or the value of the rings and whatnot.

What Tung said was, and still is, absolutely right. And he is very normal. The abnormal ones are those who are talking about money all the time. Tung said so. But that does not mean he was spared of financial stresses in Hong Kong, a city where your living spaces shrink when rents shoot up. To jointly buy a flat in Ho Man Tin with Jenny, Tung actually borrowed money to bet on share investment. All was in vain and Jenny had to bear his debts when he was in a psychiatric hospital.

Tung and his father wanted a new life, so was Jenny. But things got very wrong in the first place, and it can hardly be rectified later on.

Always strive to have a good start. When you understand the message Mad World was trying to convey, you will definitely know that this is not a cliché.

阿東的未婚妻 Jenny 建議他讓母親入住照護所,結果兩人為此吵得不可開交,因為阿東不願意離開母親。阿東離開精神病院之後跟著父親住在唐樓的劏房(分間樓宇單位)。阿東依然堅持照顧父親,哪怕他老人家以前曾經犯錯。
阿東的說法一直都很對,而他的看法其實正常,不正常的是那些時刻講錢的人。這是阿東的說法。祇是,對於生活在香港的經濟壓力,他其實不能倖免,因為這座城市就是「愈住愈貴,愈住愈細」。為了跟 Jenny合資買下何文田一個單位,阿東借錢炒股票結果燒到手,計畫泡湯之後阿東入住精神病院,Jenny則一直背負他的債務。

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