期望暴雨飄去 便會衝破命運困鎖 Until the storm is gone, we shall shrug off the shackles of destiny

Having waited for several months, I received my first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine on May 31. Several months ago, the Malaysian government opened up AstraZeneca for voluntary take-up due to the public’s health concerns. I registered immediately as I knew the chance of developing blood clot is four in one million and I saw the situation in UK started to see a recovery. And I received one of the 260,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine made available for Malaysian citizens, who took up all doses within several hours.

Perhaps I made it a habit since university days to always look at what is going on in overseas, I have always been very confident in English countries such as UK and US. I did not hesitate at all when I was registering for first round of AstraZeneca rollout, because I think that we have nothing to trust, if we don’t even trust UK vaccine. To put it simply, UK and Australia administer AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines for their citizens and both countries have opened matches for on-site viewers. In view of such progress, other countries need not wait anymore.

For the sake of a smooth vaccination, I increased protein and calcium intake one week before my vaccine appointment. And thankfully, I felt pretty mild tiredness and muscle stiffness and I recovered after taking some rest for two days.

Some might want to wait for Pfizer and would rather give up AstraZeneca. However, the trend from now until near future is that mixing of UK and US vaccines is possible. Therefore, AstraZeneca first and Pfizer second or the other way round, either way could be workable.

It was actually a deeper fear that prompted me to secure AstraZeneca vaccine: I am not confident if I can dodge coronavirus until 2022. Vaccines lower the chance of infection, even if infected, one would have mild or no symptoms. Furthermore, the chance of infecting others is also low. Another benefit of AstraZeneca vaccine is that it is very good at avoiding severe symptoms and death.

I heard that some Taiwanese wrote online comments to attack UK and US vaccines. It is very strange that they chose to overlook benefits of vaccination progress in UK, US and Israel.

I always stick to one principle: master English language so that you can always read UK and US website contents, write correct spelling to search for sport games, and you will see how glad it is to see fans returned to stadium to watch the games after restrictions have been relaxed.

Do seize the opportunity if you have a chance to be inoculated with UK or US vaccines. Vaccine is a very precious resource now. It is very challenging for the authorities to arrange vaccination appointments for the public. Please treasure it when you have a chance to be inoculated with UK or US vaccines.

After vaccination I will still stay at home as much as possible while waiting for the herd immunity moment when “until the storm is gone, we shall shrug off the shackles of destiny”.

By citing this line of Cantonese lyrics I’d like to wish Mr Wong Ka Kui a happy birthday.