Globalisation dream of owning properties worldwide 春秋大夢之全球有資產

Daydreaming is inevitable, particularly when the pandemic still troubles the world. When I watch Simon Yam’s movies, I recall of Hong Kong news reports which covered his stories of investing in properties worldwide to earn rental income. For average Joe including me, achieving ownership of properties worldwide for rental earnings is a dream far too unreachable. We can hardly handle properties properly when we have to always travel thousands of miles to attend to management matters. In this case, the only solution is engaging a management company to handle your properties on your behalf.

Alright, put aside about making rental income from properties worldwide. If you owned properties in KL and Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru—the three largest cities in Malaysia—for rental income, that would be a big headache in itself. Of course, some individuals in some parts of the world earn a living by utilising property ownership.

If property business became your best pastime and properties in three cities earned you rental income, you might find yourself driving and loitering in one city of your rental income source for one week for the sake of observing the market. Three weeks for three cities and the remaining week of the month would be spent in front of your computer to check how much rental you have collected, the amount to repay banks, and more importantly, your earnings for the month in your property management business. Continue reading “Globalisation dream of owning properties worldwide 春秋大夢之全球有資產”


史堤夫布魯士(Steve Bruce),曼聯以前的老隊長、最近兩年領軍紐卡索,終於證實離開了紐卡索領隊一職。布魯士接受訪問時提到,這可能是他最後一份工作,因為他已經到了耳順之年,家人因為他的足球領隊工作而承受不小的壓力,大概是時候放下了。

現代足球實在是殘酷。現代人受到科技產品與光纖網路的高效率影響,什麼事情都要快,就連球會董事局也常常以為找一個新教練回來馬上就能看到好成績。其實教練必須很瞭解麾下的球員的特質,專長和缺點是什麼,清楚知道對手底細才能安排好比賽策略。再加上現在資訊太多太快,各球會領隊和助理教練有太多方法一直鑽研戰術,當今足球的競爭程度比以前更加劇烈。 Continue reading “暫別了,老隊長”




若真的熟悉中文,當閣下看到「你有你血干/不會怕」,你會不會覺得毛骨悚然?這個意思是不是你拼命了、流血流乾了也不需要害怕?還是用血汗去拼命幹(殘體字寫「干」)不需要害怕? Continue reading “〈命運是你家〉之歌詞考據學”