Globalisation dream of owning properties worldwide 春秋大夢之全球有資產

Daydreaming is inevitable, particularly when the pandemic still troubles the world. When I watch Simon Yam’s movies, I recall of Hong Kong news reports which covered his stories of investing in properties worldwide to earn rental income. For average Joe including me, achieving ownership of properties worldwide for rental earnings is a dream far too unreachable. We can hardly handle properties properly when we have to always travel thousands of miles to attend to management matters. In this case, the only solution is engaging a management company to handle your properties on your behalf.

Alright, put aside about making rental income from properties worldwide. If you owned properties in KL and Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru—the three largest cities in Malaysia—for rental income, that would be a big headache in itself. Of course, some individuals in some parts of the world earn a living by utilising property ownership.

If property business became your best pastime and properties in three cities earned you rental income, you might find yourself driving and loitering in one city of your rental income source for one week for the sake of observing the market. Three weeks for three cities and the remaining week of the month would be spent in front of your computer to check how much rental you have collected, the amount to repay banks, and more importantly, your earnings for the month in your property management business.

Take the same model and apply it in Taiwan. If a multi-millionaire owns shops, apartments and factories in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan County and City, Hsinchu County and City, their job is perhaps to drive around the places to observe the market. They are likely to buy properties in bulk when coming across some opportunities and sell them for profits after years-long ownership.

Unrestricted blabbering means this is surely a daydreaming. When writers like me talk about buying in bulk, that surely refers to spending several thousand NT dollars to bring home some books for the leisure of long reading. Impossible for me to buy a property when going to Australia for a one-week trip. As I am writing, I miss the old days before the pandemic when I visited and bought some books at a second-hand bookstore in Sydney. Those are precious collections of Australian book lovers and coming across those books is a chance that rarely comes by.

It is not necessarily all bad news amid the pandemic. Thanks to longer hours of listening to online talk shows, I heard from Alex Shiu, the author of Earning Rental Income Globally, who shared about Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Investors can invest in an REIT and need not get involved in the trouble to invest in London and New York properties. The trust managers do all the work for investors. My understandind from Shiu’s explanation is that an REIT takes investors’ money in a pool to invest in different parts of the world. Having paid for management and administration fees, remaining profits will be disbursed to investors as dividends.

I found REIT to be very interesting as I was listening to Shiu’s stories. When I am free I might want to check out REITs in Singapore. Every investment comes with risks and it is crucial that we do our own homework to gauge how much risks we can take and to decide whether or not we want to invest.

Enough for daydreaming now. It is about time to read some UK sports reports to look at some previews before the massively important game of Manchester United VS Liverpool.

Learned some new information and enjoying good football. This is quite a good weekend, indeed.