It peaks and it collapses quickly: normalcy to return in 2022? 高峰過總會有下坡:2022年之生活常態化

I used to think that Delta variant was already the last variant of Covid-19. But Omicron variant proved me wrong, although some experts said it is a different disease. Since South African medics notified the international society about the new variant in an honest and honourable manner, Omicron spread across the world very swiftly. Given its contagiousness, it still spreads no matter how hard you close borders and lock down cities. How fast it spreads is the only question here.

If we are able to sit down calmly and observe the Omicron wave, we can perhaps come to a more optimistic conclusion. Forget about those media outlets which are shouting and creating chaos everyday because they need to exaggerate stories to attract more views.

I am quite confident about Dr John Campbell’s explanation. Put it simply, Omicron infects more people but most are suffering from flu and cold because we have been vaccinated. Most people recover after taking a rest for three to five days. No hospitalisation tsunami, more people receive booster shot, and Omicron infected many more people and they suffer from mild symptoms. Hopefully UK, US and Europe can achieve herd immunity by March or April.

My estimation is that if herd immunity is achieved in March and April, I hope that we get to enjoy more freedom that we’ve been longing for starting May and June 2022, when many countries and cities open up even more. The authorities can slowly allow more people to travel in and visit to different places.

Hopefully by the second half of 2022, we can get rid of face masks. Donning a mask everyday when going out is really troublesome and I can’t withstand it anymore.

I envy the British when I follow UK football matches on TV; I am envious of their freedom. It is a matter of personal choice if you choose not to wear a mask in public places and stadium. Stay home and take a rest if you are infected. Go to work, attend your classes, run your business as usual when you recover.

The logic is simple: no government in the world can ever guarantee that members of the public will never catch a cold.

If Omicron infection only causes a cold or a flu among people inoculated with effective vaccines, let’s hope this is a start for us to regain freedom in 2022.

原本以為之前的Delta 病毒已經是最後一個病毒株變異的階段,孰不知還有一個變異更多的Omicron病毒株。從南非醫療體系誠心據實跟全世界通報之後,Omicron病毒株開始蔓延至世界各地,因為它的傳染力非常強大,任憑你怎麼用力封鎖邊境、封城封鎮,它會傳播就是會傳播,祇是速度快慢的問題而已。


我其實還蠻相信Dr John Campbell的說法。簡單來說,Omicron感染廣泛但是大多數人打過有效的疫苗之後祇是傷風感冒,休息三幾天就痊癒了。祇要入院人數沒有暴增,民眾大多打了補強劑而且Omicron感染過很多人,到了三月、四月,大概英國、美國、歐洲社會很快就有群體免疫。