Good sleep requires good skills 睡眠品質亦是一門功課

Sleep is never an easy homework. Lunar new year has just ended and I recalled of Sharon Cheung’s suggestion to wish comrades and our elders to always enjoy their meals and have a good sleep. That means ditching the oft-mentioned Gong Hei Fatt Choy. This is such a practical idea.

I am not a good sleeper. During my university days, I used to sleep at 5 or 6am during summer vacation in Taipei. If I did not need to work, I would take Taipei Metro to go around places to make sure that I was tired enough to have a good sleep that night.

After I became a full-time freelance translator, I find it hard to sleep well when I always need to reply emails sent by foreign clients. Continue reading “Good sleep requires good skills 睡眠品質亦是一門功課”

曼聯:欲振乏力 但求不敗

近來曼聯球迷真的氣壞了。球會平白浪費掉一月份的轉會窗口,不讓離心深重的中場球員Jesse Lingard 轉會加入西罕或紐卡索,結果留著他每天生悶氣坐冷板凳,整支球隊繼續散漫作戰,祇求老天看在以往名氣的份上不要將他們懲罰得太嚴厲。

上一場作客Burnley屢攻不下,結果一球領先優勢因為隊長Maguire的失誤而丟失了三分。跟榜末球隊比賽祇能得到一個積分,然後這一場對壘南安普敦又上演了Maguire防守失誤的戲碼,剩下來的,說得多也無謂。 Continue reading “曼聯:欲振乏力 但求不敗”