The rhythm that gets me playing at wee hours 大半夜忍不住想彈的bassline



若將木吉他第三至第六條線當作不插電的低音吉他,其實半夜還是有可能吵到鄰居。我放下了美國Hawthorne 木吉他之後,隨手拿起1999年買的Fernandes 電子低音吉他,不插電這樣直接玩,原來也是不錯的。


I’ve been following this bassist’s channel for quite some time. Instead of playing very popular (very pop-style) type of songs, he enjoys playing some less-popular songs. His choice of song lists makes me feel like he is a soul mate of non-pop music fans.

This song Grey Track by Beyond was a song that I kept listening to throughout my four-year university study. As a matter of fact, it is a song that accompanies me for twenty, thirty years and I still do not feel bored. I am quite familiar with the bassline, although I do not to imitate the original bassline perfectly.

Coming across the bassline of this song last night, I still felt like playing although it was already wee hours.

If I play only 3rd to 6th strings of an acoustic guitar like an unplugged gig, I still risk creating noise for neighbours in the middle of the night. I then put down Hawthorne acoustic guitar, picked up my 1999 Fernandes bass guitar and it was still good playing it unplugged.

I could have plugged it to my amplifier during daytime, but the amplifier has not been repaired. I’d rather not to touch it when its volume goes up and down like ripples of sea wave.

Surprisingly, even if I put aside acoustic and bass guitars for quite some time, the tone still remains stable. In other words, it still is fun when I play them unplugged during night time or well after midnight.