What on earth is Southgate doing? 索斯蓋特搞甚麼鬼?

Since the games after England defeating Serbia 1:0 and forced to a 1:1 draw by Denmark, England’s ineffective formation has been exposed. Fans can only shake their head.

I agree with Mark Goldbridge’s suggestions. And I am always imagining had Grealish been retained, he and Anthony Gordon would take turn to create trouble for the opponents in the left flank. Let Rice and Mainoo play as a defensive midfield duo, Foden might want to help defend once and a while. In short, wouldn’t a 3-5-2 formation be better? And he can always let Palmer replace Kane.

Southgate has the capital to ‘have a good laugh and release venomous snakes’, as the Cantonese saying goes.

He left his trump cards unused, what a waste. The anxiety felt by England fans in the stadium, in front of the television was – and will not be – felt by Southgate.

Before the start of EURO 2024, I thought of buying a white England jersey to show my support. But such a poor display refrained me from parting with my money. I shall think about it when a better head coach is appointed.


我很認同Mark Goldbridge的建議,也常常在幻想如果當初留著Grealish,左翼放任他與Anthony Gordon輪流在左側搞破壞,中堅讓Rice與Mainoo擔任,Foden不時協助回防。來一個352排陣不是更好嗎?再加上可以隨時讓Palmer替代Kane,索斯蓋特大有每一場比賽都可以「笑科科放毒蛇」的本錢。