Freelancer should register own company 自由工作者應該註冊個人公司

I have been working as a freelancer for many years. At the start I had no contacts, nor did I register a company. And later on I registered my own company and things started to pick up. There are routines you have to take to maintain your company, such as submitting accounting reports and filing for tax payment, and you need sufficient amount in your bank to keep your current account up and running.

While other freelancers find these routines to be troublesome, I see them as a must to keep my business on track. And there are many advantages too.

Firstly, you will have a systemic way of issuing quotations and invoices. How many invoices you have issued this month, and how much money you are expecting to receive this month and next – all in all, you will have a clear picture.

Some companies accept invoices issued by individual freelancers, but many prefer to work with suppliers which have company status. Stricter client companies only work with private limited or limited companies. If you don’t register your own company, sooner or later your personal invoice is likely to be rejected by bigger companies who mean business. Continue reading “Freelancer should register own company 自由工作者應該註冊個人公司”

居家辦公亦非絕對完美 Shortcomings of working from home


對於以往習慣了每天上下班通勤的上班族而言,忽然之間不需要開車搭車在交通尖峰時段塞在上下班的路上,而且每天早上八九點打開筆記型電腦登入公司系統就等於開始上班,真的太好了。以往必須調鬧鐘六七點起身盥洗之後就趕著出門上班,如今755分醒來開電腦,8點登入系統之後再去盥洗、吃早餐,工作可以慢慢來,因為省下了很多通勤的時間。 Continue reading “居家辦公亦非絕對完美 Shortcomings of working from home”

自由工作者哪裡辦公?Where should freelancers work? (Republishing April 2017 piece)


自由工作者哪裡辦公?問到這道問題,多數人的回應都是說自由工作者大多在家工作。最初開始接案的階段,這答案確實正確,但是當你慢慢有生意之後,你就會考慮其他的工作地點了。我們且來看看有哪些選擇。 Continue reading “自由工作者哪裡辦公?Where should freelancers work? (Republishing April 2017 piece)”