Wu Bai – the rocker cum traveller (Republishing Sep 2017 Piece)

Poet rocker Wu Bai is known for his music career with his band China Blue comprises dummer Dean “Dino” Zavolta, keyboardist Yu Ta-hao (nicknamed Big Cat) and bassist Chu Chien-hui.

The reason he picked up a camera to start shooting around – as he wrote on this book Wu Bai Story (《伍佰.故事》), was that he wanted to get himself a background on his computer. And he started with colour photos, only switching to black and white films, when he travelled in Angkor Wat, the Cambodian city where only black and white films are sold.

Apart from music and occassional acting opportunities, Wu Bai also travels extensively. In this book – as he put it, he went to Tokyo to take photos of Japanese office workers. From his perspective, he was curious if these office workers feel tired for their lifestyle – everybody follows the conformity of the society, puts on the same suits, walking in the same direction, eating at eateries after work. And he put it very bluntly – don’t they feel stupid? Continue reading “Wu Bai – the rocker cum traveller (Republishing Sep 2017 Piece)”

亞洲第一批輝瑞疫苗 First Pfizer vaccines in Asia

Singapore was the first country to have received Pfizer vaccines. This is a good news for the island nation, and the influence of the positive development is going to spill over to other parts of Asia, as the transport minister Ong Ye Kung said he was confident that Singapore could become the centre to distribute the vaccines.

This is no easy feast. Other than Singapore Airlines Cargo’s effort to rehearse the process of transporting the vaccines from Belgium to Singapore just one week earlier, it also takes herculean efforts from DHL, UPS, FedEx as well as SATS Coolport to make this possible. SATS facilities are able to produce four tonnes of dry ice each day to facilitate the transportation of Pfizer vaccines which require -70 degree Celsius storage. Continue reading “亞洲第一批輝瑞疫苗 First Pfizer vaccines in Asia”

布萊克本流浪者與大馬經濟 Blackburn Rovers and Malaysian Economy


更加不堪的是,球隊降級至英格蘭冠軍聯賽,之後回升英超,近年再從英冠降至英甲。這個曾經輝煌的球隊已經與諾丁漢森林隊、保頓流浪隊齊名,因為大家都曾經贏得重要賽事的冠軍盃,但是近年來一直無力重返英超。 Continue reading “布萊克本流浪者與大馬經濟 Blackburn Rovers and Malaysian Economy”

新加坡金融科技祭 Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)

今年的新加坡金融科技祭從127日至11日舉行,形式是現場與線上結合的混合模式。由於今年國際旅遊大受限制,各方有志於瞭解金融科技(Financial Technology, FinTech)發展的朋友可以在線上追蹤連續五天的活動,而且票價祇需要星幣75元、加上服務稅合共80.25元(新台幣1695元)。 Continue reading “新加坡金融科技祭 Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)”

關於零碳排放的疑惑 Some doubts about zero emissions

Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand, declared a climate emergency for the government and the public sector to achieve carbon-neutral by 2025. She said the 2025 goal will be set as the standard for the country to reach zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. This is a commendable mission that can set as an exemplar for the rest of the world. Continue reading “關於零碳排放的疑惑 Some doubts about zero emissions”

通過速測之任意門 Speedy passage to ensure a virus-free bubble


我幻想若之後新加坡博覽中心有展覽,假設原先可容納兩千人,現在由於防疫只限一千人,入口處設立25個速測站,每一行40 人只需要40 分鐘就可以檢測完畢。首500人提前一小時到達展館,第二批500人一小時之後到場檢測,檢測確定沒有患上新冠肺炎就獲准入場。在場內全程必須戴上口罩,維持社交距離,並且提醒與會者常常用肥皂洗手。這些措施可以確保阻斷病毒傳播鏈。 Continue reading “通過速測之任意門 Speedy passage to ensure a virus-free bubble”