Wu Bai – the rocker cum traveller (Republishing Sep 2017 Piece)

Poet rocker Wu Bai is known for his music career with his band China Blue comprises dummer Dean “Dino” Zavolta, keyboardist Yu Ta-hao (nicknamed Big Cat) and bassist Chu Chien-hui.

The reason he picked up a camera to start shooting around – as he wrote on this book Wu Bai Story (《伍佰.故事》), was that he wanted to get himself a background on his computer. And he started with colour photos, only switching to black and white films, when he travelled in Angkor Wat, the Cambodian city where only black and white films are sold.

Apart from music and occassional acting opportunities, Wu Bai also travels extensively. In this book – as he put it, he went to Tokyo to take photos of Japanese office workers. From his perspective, he was curious if these office workers feel tired for their lifestyle – everybody follows the conformity of the society, puts on the same suits, walking in the same direction, eating at eateries after work. And he put it very bluntly – don’t they feel stupid? Continue reading “Wu Bai – the rocker cum traveller (Republishing Sep 2017 Piece)”

馬宜中筆下的第一滴淚 (Republishing Oct 2017 Piece)


身為伍佰樂迷,第一個細讀的藝人故事當然就是他。馬宜中細數以前幫伍佰拍〈煞到你〉、〈返去故鄉〉的故事,我才發現原來伍佰真的在乎要保護家人的隱私。話說馬宜中與攝影團隊跟著伍佰 and China Blue 在嘉義走透透拍MTV,好像是伍佰老家附近的樣子,然後有個記者死纏爛打就是要拍照又怎樣的,原本答應拍照之後不會公開,結果還是在那記者服務的報紙上登了出來。 Continue reading “馬宜中筆下的第一滴淚 (Republishing Oct 2017 Piece)”

伍佰的跑車人生2 Drive around Taiwan with Wubai 2


這一集的主題是初心與原點。江振誠介紹他最愛的石牌早餐店,伍佰則是介紹臺北市信義區一個果汁攤,因為當初他在臺北未拚出頭的日子裡,他最喜歡去那個攤位請老闆給他榨一杯葡萄汁。根據伍佰和江振誠的說法,老闆的葡萄汁有一種倒鉤的感覺。收看的時候大家還真的必須耐得住飢渴,因為看起來真的很好喝。 Continue reading “伍佰的跑車人生2 Drive around Taiwan with Wubai 2”

伍佰的跑車人生 (1) Drive around Taiwan with Wubai (1)

I watched a Porsche programme on YouTube last week. Surprisingly, the German car manufacturer invited Taiwanese rock star Wubai as the host to drive around Taipei with Chang Chen. Their task of the day was to take photographs with the theme of conflicts and contradictions.

Ren’ai Road of Taipei City has lines of coconut trees. This was what I learned from this episode. In the past, I used to think that in Taiwan we can see coconut trees only in my university NTNU, or other universities including NTU. Continue reading “伍佰的跑車人生 (1) Drive around Taiwan with Wubai (1)”

昇哥,您要唱下去!Bobby, keep it up!

2021跨年演唱會。這消息對昇迷來說,絕對是非常震撼的,因為昇哥的跨年連續唱了26年,每逢年底迎新除舊都會跟歌迷一起度過,今年大家都祇好忍痛退票,希望昇哥好好療養之後明年年底的2022跨年演唱會帶著樂團一起高歌。 Continue reading “昇哥,您要唱下去!Bobby, keep it up!”