自律與態度決定高度 沒有天註定這麼一回事 No such thing as destiny: Self-discipline and attitude decide your outcome

This episode of Sharon Cheung’s talk concluded my viewpoints. I always remember my discussion with two closer friends that nobody decides another person’s destiny, and that everything starts from our thoughts. It is the thoughts that determine our personality and action, which then lead to a choice, while the quality of our choices determines our direction. And action after a decision is made, will determine the outcome.

For example, if you opt not to have light lunch but keep thinking about having fast food, the likely outcome would be the risk of overweight to be borne by you subsequently. Your choice determines the outcome; it is not destiny or your god that determines if you might gain weight. Or, you are always praying for wealth and a lottery strike for handsome prize money, in real life you are reluctant to learn how to spend thriftily and save money, learn new skills to make sure you are still able to earn a living. If these are your choices, the poverty that entails is the outcome of your choice. This is a consequence of your action prior. Continue reading “自律與態度決定高度 沒有天註定這麼一回事 No such thing as destiny: Self-discipline and attitude decide your outcome”

萊斯特城:連轟三球 紅軍夢碎


難怪德國籍教頭克洛普承認,英超冠軍是已經衛冕不了,眼前祇能打一仗算一仗,因為接下來還要應付同城死敵艾佛頓。估計克洛普還不敢完全信任青年隊的後衛直接升上成人隊,畢竟重塑英超隊伍的後防絕對是不能夠輕舉妄動的事情。 Continue reading “萊斯特城:連轟三球 紅軍夢碎”

Freelancer should register own company 自由工作者應該註冊個人公司

I have been working as a freelancer for many years. At the start I had no contacts, nor did I register a company. And later on I registered my own company and things started to pick up. There are routines you have to take to maintain your company, such as submitting accounting reports and filing for tax payment, and you need sufficient amount in your bank to keep your current account up and running.

While other freelancers find these routines to be troublesome, I see them as a must to keep my business on track. And there are many advantages too.

Firstly, you will have a systemic way of issuing quotations and invoices. How many invoices you have issued this month, and how much money you are expecting to receive this month and next – all in all, you will have a clear picture.

Some companies accept invoices issued by individual freelancers, but many prefer to work with suppliers which have company status. Stricter client companies only work with private limited or limited companies. If you don’t register your own company, sooner or later your personal invoice is likely to be rejected by bigger companies who mean business. Continue reading “Freelancer should register own company 自由工作者應該註冊個人公司”

〈往事欲如何〉伍佰 What about bygones – WuBai

What about bygones
Melody and Lyrics by WuBai

風吹影搖移 伴著 麻黃的樹枝
看見海面的 燒風 拆破了雲碎
(Blowing breeze and trembling shadows, accompanied by ephedra twigs.
I saw on the sea surface, the hot air, piercing through scattering clouds.)

難免轟轟叫 海螺 聽見你躊蹴
眼前離別時 妳是 波浪伊是水
(It was inevitably honking, even the sea snail, heard your hesitation.
The separation in front of us, you were, the wave, and it was the waters.) Continue reading “〈往事欲如何〉伍佰 What about bygones – WuBai”

雪菲爾聯隊:絕殺紅魔 絕不認命


是的,本週絕地反彈的主角球會絕對非雪菲爾聯隊(Sheffield United)莫屬。這支來自英格蘭南約克郡的球會於1889年創立,2019/20 賽季重返英超,季末高居第九位,實屬輝煌戰績。但是這一季欲振乏力,一直守在倒數第一名的位置上,他們的忠實球迷想必非常憂心。 Continue reading “雪菲爾聯隊:絕殺紅魔 絕不認命”

Anecdotes of a novelist 小說家逸事

I have been listening to Conversations of ABC Radio since 2014. And I happened to come across this interview of writer Lee Child, whose Jack Reacher series remained untouched from my side because I have been busy reading Jeffrey Archer’s works.

Having lost his job as a scriptwriter at a television station, the British author with the original name of James Grant decided that he would give it a try to write fictions to earn a living. His pen name was drafted after careful thoughts, while Reacher, the last name of the main character of his Jack Reacher series, was something mentioned by his wife. She suggested that if his novels were not selling, he could work as a reacher in supermarkets to help customers take goods from higher racks. Continue reading “Anecdotes of a novelist 小說家逸事”

〈投機者〉陳昇 Speculator by Bobby Chen

Speculator by Bobby Chen
Melody and Lyrics by Bobby Chen

後來他究竟去了日本還是美國 就沒有再聽過村子裡的人們說
然而我心裡知道 他應該已經完成了夢想 不再是村民眼中的混球
他說反攻大陸早已沒了希望 像我這樣的豆乾開計程車都嫌扯
(Did he go to Japan or USA, nobody in the village talked about it anymore.
Deep in my heart, I know he must have accomplished his dream.
And he is no longer a scum as perceived by neighbours in the village.
My Brother Bao created trouble in the army and retired since.
He planned to start a band when returning to village.
Not even a moment of free time.
He said counter attacking mainland is hopeless now,
and found himself to be unqualified, even just to drive a cab.)

誰又能夠看得出來 我是個忠貞的愛國者
我有我表現愛情的方式 卻沒有人能懂
效忠於我自己的 高貴的自由人
(I would like to be a shameless speculator.
Who could tell that I am a loyal patriot.
I have my own way of expressing love—which nobody knows.
I am the elegant freeman pledging loyalty only to myself.) Continue reading “〈投機者〉陳昇 Speculator by Bobby Chen”

車頓咸足球會:雖敗猶榮 永不言敗

一家小球會如車頓咸(Cheltenham Town FC)可以殺入英格蘭足總盃第四圈賽事,其實是非常不容易的事。這家位於英格蘭西南格洛斯特郡的球會,目前在英乙聯賽排名第七,上一季排名第四,人家在英乙戰績不俗,對上高出三級的曼市,也依然奮戰到底,勢必在主場盡可能為自己爭取一些顏面。

從這簡短的精彩片段中可以看出,身穿紅白球衣的車頓咸在必要時還是可以要脅曼市。成功守住上半場不得不失之後,車頓咸可以在下半場第59分鐘憑著英格蘭籍球員亞菲梅先拔頭籌,想必是樂壞了車頓咸城中的支持者。 Continue reading “車頓咸足球會:雖敗猶榮 永不言敗”

伯恩利:力壓紅軍 護級在望

利物浦自從失去榜首寶座之後,似乎一直無法找回以往的神勇狀態,加上這次主場失利,紅軍過去五戰三和二負,難怪德國籍教練克洛普說他們目前的目標是聯賽前四名。以心理的角度來說,利物浦全隊上下心中念茲在茲的是上一季贏得冠軍,最近連串失利與勝利荒讓他們心理壓力倍增,結果上戰場反而容易讓敵軍有機可趁,一舉擊垮了主場連續68場不敗的神話。 Continue reading “伯恩利:力壓紅軍 護級在望”

Mad World 一念無明 (Republishing May 2017 Piece)

I rarely watch some emotionally heavy movies, for I find them very unbearable. Crying for loved ones is not what I enjoy watching in a cinema. I stick to my principle all the time so that I can pick cheerful and funny movies when I enter a cinema.

Yes I love sad songs, but sad movies often tick me off.

But Mad World is a different story. I bought a movie ticket to support this film of Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang, just as how I supported Trivisa starring Gordon Lam and Philip Keung.

In this movie Shawn played the role of Tung, who suffered and recovered from bipolar disorder. And Eric, his father who abandoned the family when Tung was little. Continue reading “Mad World 一念無明 (Republishing May 2017 Piece)”