細讀《半島》之穿梭時空 Travelling through time with Peninsula (Republishing August 2017 piece)

Two months ago, many content creators would wring their wrists when they learned about the death of writer Rehman Rashid. Radio hosts of BFM 89.9 were always talking about him in recent programmes and they respected him a lot. They were of the opinion that it was great loss of Malaysian writing scene.

I went to look for his old books at Gerakbudaya and only managed to find Peninsula. The other title, A Malaysian Journey, which was more famous, was said to have been out of print. I wonder if his previous publisher would like to republish for him.

Rehman Rashid’s writing was no ordinary English writing. He did not elaborate in a simple and straightforward way. Contrarily, he was always cutting into the topics from sideline while adding a lot of background knowledge into his stories.

Some details of the years of Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah and Najib were cited in his stories while he led the readers to travel through time. And his writing left no traces of time. Given such an outstanding feature, other Malaysian writers might find it difficult to fill his big shoes. Continue reading “細讀《半島》之穿梭時空 Travelling through time with Peninsula (Republishing August 2017 piece)”

伍佰的跑車人生2 Drive around Taiwan with Wubai 2


這一集的主題是初心與原點。江振誠介紹他最愛的石牌早餐店,伍佰則是介紹臺北市信義區一個果汁攤,因為當初他在臺北未拚出頭的日子裡,他最喜歡去那個攤位請老闆給他榨一杯葡萄汁。根據伍佰和江振誠的說法,老闆的葡萄汁有一種倒鉤的感覺。收看的時候大家還真的必須耐得住飢渴,因為看起來真的很好喝。 Continue reading “伍佰的跑車人生2 Drive around Taiwan with Wubai 2”

舊片重溫:《西謊極落》之苦中作樂 Self-deceiving as if you had a bigger room

This film titled The Sinking City: Capsule Odyssey screened in 2017 revealed the acute housing problem in Hong Kong. The actors and actresses were ridiculing in a wacky and lunatic manner to present this theme.

Pakho Chau in the movie was an editor writing online articles to introduce apartment units on behalf of real estate companies. Despite his great writing skills to promote buying properties for investment and speculation, in real life he was only a young man who was priced out of the property market. Upon graduation, he failed to move up the corporate ladder and was encumbered by study loans. Shiga Lin played his girlfriend in the movie. They rented a flat for HK$10,000 a month. Later on, he lied to his girlfriend that he had to work in New York for a year or two before returning to the Cantonese-speaking city. Continue reading “舊片重溫:《西謊極落》之苦中作樂 Self-deceiving as if you had a bigger room”

太妃糖攪局 藍衫軍有難

艾佛頓在主場古蒂森公園球場的這一輪賽事迎來切爾西這支冠軍熱門隊,這是睽違多時之後第一次有球迷作後盾,球員比賽當然也特別醒神,雖然觀賽人數祇有以前將近四萬人的20 分之一。

開賽方才20餘分鐘,切爾西門將門迪離開龍門在小禁區外絆倒艾佛頓中場多米尼克勒溫,結果裁判判罰點球,冰島中場西於爾茲松一腳定江山,讓切爾西吃下對壘艾佛頓的第三場敗仗。切爾西在卡洛安切洛蒂執教的太妃糖領先之後當然不願放棄,一直嘗試敲開艾佛頓的大門。 Continue reading “太妃糖攪局 藍衫軍有難”

布萊克本流浪者與大馬經濟 Blackburn Rovers and Malaysian Economy


更加不堪的是,球隊降級至英格蘭冠軍聯賽,之後回升英超,近年再從英冠降至英甲。這個曾經輝煌的球隊已經與諾丁漢森林隊、保頓流浪隊齊名,因為大家都曾經贏得重要賽事的冠軍盃,但是近年來一直無力重返英超。 Continue reading “布萊克本流浪者與大馬經濟 Blackburn Rovers and Malaysian Economy”

伍佰的跑車人生 (1) Drive around Taiwan with Wubai (1)

I watched a Porsche programme on YouTube last week. Surprisingly, the German car manufacturer invited Taiwanese rock star Wubai as the host to drive around Taipei with Chang Chen. Their task of the day was to take photographs with the theme of conflicts and contradictions.

Ren’ai Road of Taipei City has lines of coconut trees. This was what I learned from this episode. In the past, I used to think that in Taiwan we can see coconut trees only in my university NTNU, or other universities including NTU. Continue reading “伍佰的跑車人生 (1) Drive around Taiwan with Wubai (1)”

新加坡金融科技祭 Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)

今年的新加坡金融科技祭從127日至11日舉行,形式是現場與線上結合的混合模式。由於今年國際旅遊大受限制,各方有志於瞭解金融科技(Financial Technology, FinTech)發展的朋友可以在線上追蹤連續五天的活動,而且票價祇需要星幣75元、加上服務稅合共80.25元(新台幣1695元)。 Continue reading “新加坡金融科技祭 Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)”

利物浦:球迷歸來 如虎添翼


狼隊一開始給了利物浦一點點挑戰,但利物浦隨即反擊。 Continue reading “利物浦:球迷歸來 如虎添翼”

關於零碳排放的疑惑 Some doubts about zero emissions

Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand, declared a climate emergency for the government and the public sector to achieve carbon-neutral by 2025. She said the 2025 goal will be set as the standard for the country to reach zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. This is a commendable mission that can set as an exemplar for the rest of the world. Continue reading “關於零碳排放的疑惑 Some doubts about zero emissions”