關於零碳排放的疑惑 Some doubts about zero emissions

Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand, declared a climate emergency for the government and the public sector to achieve carbon-neutral by 2025. She said the 2025 goal will be set as the standard for the country to reach zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. This is a commendable mission that can set as an exemplar for the rest of the world. Continue reading “關於零碳排放的疑惑 Some doubts about zero emissions”

足球魔術師之殞落 The end of the football magician


The news of the death of Diego Maradona sent shock waves across the world. Many fans, footballers and football managers mourn the loss of a football legend. During the top of his form he was all powerful on the pitch: he was the magician dribbling the ball past defenders who were struggling to keep pace with him. He was standing at the top of the world when he led Argentina to win 1986 World Cup. He is the legendary footballer who won world’s recognition. Continue reading “足球魔術師之殞落 The end of the football magician”

通過速測之任意門 Speedy passage to ensure a virus-free bubble


我幻想若之後新加坡博覽中心有展覽,假設原先可容納兩千人,現在由於防疫只限一千人,入口處設立25個速測站,每一行40 人只需要40 分鐘就可以檢測完畢。首500人提前一小時到達展館,第二批500人一小時之後到場檢測,檢測確定沒有患上新冠肺炎就獲准入場。在場內全程必須戴上口罩,維持社交距離,並且提醒與會者常常用肥皂洗手。這些措施可以確保阻斷病毒傳播鏈。 Continue reading “通過速測之任意門 Speedy passage to ensure a virus-free bubble”

何不自行錄製影音或純音檔玩一玩 How about playing with video or audio recordings

Photograph: https://www.uschamber.com/co/grow/marketing/how-to-start-a-podcast

I am always following podcasts published by English-language radio stations in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Good Urban Days, a Taiwanese Mandarin podcast programme discussing about the life in Kaohsiung, is also my favourite recently. I know I am not that hardworking to work on recordings everyday. A brief thought about giving it a try did appear though. Continue reading “何不自行錄製影音或純音檔玩一玩 How about playing with video or audio recordings”

居家辦公亦非絕對完美 Shortcomings of working from home


對於以往習慣了每天上下班通勤的上班族而言,忽然之間不需要開車搭車在交通尖峰時段塞在上下班的路上,而且每天早上八九點打開筆記型電腦登入公司系統就等於開始上班,真的太好了。以往必須調鬧鐘六七點起身盥洗之後就趕著出門上班,如今755分醒來開電腦,8點登入系統之後再去盥洗、吃早餐,工作可以慢慢來,因為省下了很多通勤的時間。 Continue reading “居家辦公亦非絕對完美 Shortcomings of working from home”

英格蘭左衛之實話實說 Refreshingly honest England left-back

It was several years ago when I read this book. Thanks to the former England defender’s vivid and honest account, I still remember some of the contents. I was following Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers when both clubs were at the top of their form. That was the time when I noticed the good performance of Graeme Le Saux, particularly the time when he and his teammates put on the British brand Umbro’s England jersey. Continue reading “英格蘭左衛之實話實說 Refreshingly honest England left-back”

自由工作者哪裡辦公?Where should freelancers work? (Republishing April 2017 piece)

Photograph: decoist.com

自由工作者哪裡辦公?問到這道問題,多數人的回應都是說自由工作者大多在家工作。最初開始接案的階段,這答案確實正確,但是當你慢慢有生意之後,你就會考慮其他的工作地點了。我們且來看看有哪些選擇。 Continue reading “自由工作者哪裡辦公?Where should freelancers work? (Republishing April 2017 piece)”

昇哥,您要唱下去!Bobby, keep it up!

2021跨年演唱會。這消息對昇迷來說,絕對是非常震撼的,因為昇哥的跨年連續唱了26年,每逢年底迎新除舊都會跟歌迷一起度過,今年大家都祇好忍痛退票,希望昇哥好好療養之後明年年底的2022跨年演唱會帶著樂團一起高歌。 Continue reading “昇哥,您要唱下去!Bobby, keep it up!”

不寫不寫還須寫 Writing as sure as eggs is eggs

自從兩年前在工作網站上 KeithYeow.com 撰寫關於翻譯與文案工作的心得,就甚少再花時間寫一些跟工作沒有關係的文章。一來是有些心野,可能想嘗試玩一下錄製粵語或英語的網上節目,二來是除了工作以外,對其他事務的看法沒有化為文字了。

這麼一擱置下來,中文寫作自然會生疏,尤其覺得自己用字好像怪怪的,因為每次下筆都會先想英文。也許是因為太過習慣寫中譯英的案子,就連廣告文案都是客戶要求我根據中文版本重新創譯一份英文版,由此可見我已經很少寫中文了。 Continue reading “不寫不寫還須寫 Writing as sure as eggs is eggs”